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RPAs are Roleplaying Awards given by GameMasters for various reasons. Multipiers are set to last over a fixed amount of experience pulses, so it is important to avoid activities that result in small pulses e.g. helping others with guildwork, to avoid wasting them. There are two forms of RPA which are modifier (1.5-4x XP boost) RPAs or flat XP RPAs (Fixed instant XP). Players can also nominate another player via the ROLEPLAY NOMINATE verb. There is different messaging for each type (minor, major, etc.) of award which is given.

Example of messaging when RPA is received:

You take a deep breath, and look around with renewed vigor. It is good to be alive, and an adventurer in this land.

Another example:

With a sudden flash of insight, you realize you now understand more of what you have experienced.....

Another example:

An old memory bubbles up from your past, and causes you to reflect a moment. With a flash of insight, you realize you understand yourself a bit better than you did a moment ago. The sudden feeling of self-knowledge is a pleasant one.

To view whether or not you currently have an active RPA, use the EXP command. There is no message when it expires.

RPAs are different from (and multiplier RPAs can be stacked with) the Gift of Lumnis. If you have an RPA active during your Gift of Lumnis you will have extra messaging below it. For example:

Your mind is numbed.

You feel a strange sense of serenity and find that you are able to reflect on recent events with uncommon clarity and understanding.

Your recent adventures echo powerfully in your mind.