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Rumor Woods 2022 Teasers

Announcement 1

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to release Wedding Packages at Rumor Woods. You can expect the Wavedancer Verbs to be available in this package. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the WEDDING channel on Discord or Rumor Woods Folder on the Forums (until the forums disappear).

Announcement 2

Join us on the 10th of Lumnea for the Annual Grand Tournament at Rumor Woods.

Take part in the exciting Pixie Hunt as you quest for the elusive and mischievous pixie in hopes of being one of the lucky few to obtain the rare morning glory! This enameled marvel allows you to summon a beautiful dragonfly pet! Rumor has it there are berries, mushrooms, and flowers to be obtained in this garden maze.

Looking for something more cunning? Why not try to outfox the foxes of Rumor Woods by taking part in the Fox Hunt for a chance at being rewarded a rare bugle that can summon your very own pet fox!

Customizations abound in the collegiac halls of Summit Academy! Where you can find Spell Prep Customizations, Swears, Log on/off Messaging, Signature Verbs, and Feature options in its illustrious halls. This will be the final year for many of these offerings as a refresh is slated for 2023.

The tourney grounds will be covered in tents as merchants once again offer their wares to those guests that come to the Tournament. Caravans have been arriving for weeks and spreading out along a narrow track between the main grounds and Cysaelotar. Rumor has it that two cultural groups will be joining this year’s merchants.

Let us not forget the Joust! Ride either your own mount or one of ours into a test of courage and determination as we race for a winner in the...

Battle of the Unicorn and Dragon!

Announcement 3

Borne of Fire, Dreams, and Wastes

Chill wind swept through the tower through the office window, riffling papers and disturbing the pennants that hung from the walls and rafters. Siethidi looked up from a map he had redrawn half a dozen times and rocked gently back on his chair so that he could peer out the sun-dappled frame.

Immediately he rose to his feet and craned his body out the window at what he saw...

Far below, a Tehir caravan was parting from the treeline to the southwest, the exotic, legendary ill-tempered yierkas with their proud riders forming an honor guard around them. Each desert strider was bundled against the arctic winds, their gradient blue identifiers flapping in the breeze.

Watching the procession, Siethidi suddenly wondered if he’d provided enough heat baskets for them along the caravan track.

A call on the horizon drew his eyes to the southeast where another procession crested the alpine plains. Dusky and ebon-skinned warriors also swaddled against the cold creating a different kind of march. Monstrous beasts provided riders transport, their sinuous tales whipping this way and that as they moved across the rocky grasslands.

Siethidi felt a thrill of excitement. The Dhe’nar had accepted his invitation as well.

As he turned to call out to one of his scribes, the shimmer of silver and gold forced his eyes back to where the last of the Tehir were slipping down the trail to the tourney grounds. "Majestic beyond reason," Siethidi though as he exhaled quietly. Ronan had graced them with a gift, he thought to himself and rushed from the tower.

We are excited to announce this year’s mounts for Rumor Woods:


  • a gargantuan armadillo lizard
  • a giant three-toed tegu


  • a colossal water monitor
  • a monstrous crocodile monitor
  • an enormous sai'ri monster
  • a scaly brownish-yellow wastesdragon


  • a sinewy fringe-toed yierka

Rare Equine Update:

  • a golden-hooved white unicorn
  • a silver-hooved black unicorn

You can also expect cultural releases for both the Dhe'nar and Tehir cultures this year.

Announcement 4

Surrounded by heaps of colorful linen, muslin, and cotton, the merchant turns in place, eyeing each trunk as if mentally cataloging her inventory. One trunk of aseges, layered and adorned with charms and beading, one trunk of erasay, short-sleeved and sleeveless, and one trunk of duaidz, some with slashed legs and others without. Tapping her bottom lip with a ringed thumb, her dark eyes pass to a smaller chest of artim, all with rush or wood soles, then to a jewelry box, brimming with glittering tisrins and tesarits. Satisfied with her accounting, she closes each container in turn and motions over her shoulder. Several men filter in to aid in carrying the larger trunks out of the pavilion and into her caravan for travel, while she carefully tucks the jewelry box under her arm and disappears into the blinding sunlight outside. She had somewhere to be soon, something to see: The Battle of the Unicorn and the Dragon!

New for 2022's Rumor Woods are additional Tehir clothing and jewelry nouns:

Many of these items already existed in Tehir lore with specific styling notes, but were simply called shirts or tunics or pants or sandals. But, in an effort to further enhance the cultural richness of the Tehir, we've given the common items their own names and added a couple of completely new items: the tisrin (a ring) and the tesarit (a single, dangling earring).

aseges - women's layered skirts - These garments are considered outlets of creativity for Tehir women and range from solid colors to patterned, often accomplished by block printing repeatedly to form overlapping geometric patterns. Women often bustle their skirts by tying some up while leaving others loose. These skirts always have a waistband fitted with ribbon ties that serve as additional adornment when not in use and aid in the bustling when in use, while the hems of the skirts are decorated with beads, belled-chains, and charms.

artim - gender-neutral sandal - These are worn either ankle-tied or loose, possessing a simple bifurcated strap that begins between the toes and extends across the top of the foot. Tehir sandals are formed on rush, wood, or hide soles. Some women take fancy to intricately braiding the leather commonly used in their construction.

tisrin - ring - Worn by both men and women alike, these rings appear when worn to be multiple separate rings stacked a small space apart, however the ring is actually a single piece, fused and joined along the back. Worn between the knuckles at varying heights to avoid restricting movement.

tesarit - earring - A single dangling earring worn by men and women alike on formal occasions. Typical components usually include a totem-carved bone - animal, symbol, etc-, a brightly colored glass or gemstone bead, and a single spherical bell.

erasay - men's tunic - An erasay is distinctive because it will have either a notched or drawstring neckline, have short or no sleeves, and is typically worn by men of high status.

duaidz - men's bloused trousers - These are frequently worn in conjunction with an erasay, and they can be tailored either with or without vents, which typically run from the lower thigh to just above the cuff.

Announcement 5

The Elanthian Binder is getting an update this year at Rumor Woods.

You analyze your numbered page and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
A tidy and numbered page will unlock your "Elanthian Binder" to include a "Table of Contents" that activates GLANCE and WHISPER options.
To use the page, PUT it in your binder.

put page in binder
Flipping your lilac suede binder to the beginning, you carefully lay your numbered page into it and press it against the spine. A slight flash of light seals it in place.

glance my binder
You quickly glance over a flower-inset lilac suede binder, and you flip to the beginning of it to view the Table of Contents. The neatly penned page has crisp, clean numbering, which you take a moment to read:

1. a piece of silver-edged paper (The first lines containing the words: "Dark it was in that ...")
2. a piece of charcoal grey parchment (The first lines containing the words: "The Good Stuff...")

whisper binder 2
You whisper quietly to the binder, causing the pages within to flutter until a piece of charcoal grey parchment is on top.