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Summit Academy

Join Zakabie at the Ellipse in the heart of Summit Academy for a respite from your day of learning, jousting, and hunting. A nearby fire pit provides warmth from the chill arctic winds and snow-covered grounds, while benches offer resting locations for all guests. And let's not forget Zakabie with her cart of mulled cider, hot cocoa, and various other classical treats.

The Aspen Grove

In the space between Rumor Woods, where the fox hunt takes place, and the Tourney Grounds with its many stalls and tents, lays an Aspen Grove that is essentially an open-air inn. Instead of hallways, there are pathways that connect the various rooms - in this case tents - from the main tavern and kitchen, which is located at e and j on the Rumor Woods Map. Like many taverns, despite being built in a purple pavilion, there are private tables, as well as drinks and food for purchase.

The rooms of the inn are as follows:
All locations are using the Rumor Woods Map

Plum Yurt (c)
White Geteld (d)
Sky Blue tent (f)
Domed Enclosure (g)
Dark Blue Yurt (h)
Brown Tent (i)
Hunter Green Geteld (l)
Domed Shelter (m)

Each of these shelters provides the same accommodations that an Inn Room provides, complete with unique furnishings and latchable doors.

To the northernmost point in the Aspen Grove, a set of stepping stones leads to a gazebo that floats within a hot spring. Shrouded in the warm mists, the structure has comfortable pillows to wile the time away and a small offering of tea.

To the westernmost point in the Aspen Grove, flat stones lead to a winding path flanked by lanterns that travels up the side of a towering hillock where a small hovel is perched. Its interior is far nicer than its size might indicate and is rumored to be the home of Seithidi when he is away from his grandmother and the tower.

Throughout the Aspen Grove, pluckable plants abound.


Rising from the mud and snow at the intersection of Anvil and Equid on the easternmost section of the Tourney Grounds, a small winding track cuts through the wavy grasses towards an alpine meadow that encircles a grass-covered cairn. Pluckable flowers, grass, and sedge abound in this area that a small contingent of Aelotoi out of Cysaegir has claimed as their own.

Following the pathway to the north, the cairn is encircled by various treasures, surprises, and natural beauty that is enhanced by aelotoian ingenuity or craftsmanship.

Mirror of the Sky

Mirror of the Sky is the location of a natural glacier that is encircled by raw rhimar that is fused with granite. A stone bench carrying windracers sits nearby for any that may wish to send messages on the wind to those that have passed.

Garden Descent

Garden Descent sits at the northernmost point of the alpine meadow, its environs mostly in the shadow of a looming mountain peak. Here you will find Ceha, who is happy to guide you to the Pixie hunt.

Giggling Stones

Giggling Stones is located against the very edge of the mountain where enterprising aelotoi have hammered drakar spikes into its face to create a small waterfall. Birds and bipeds alike enjoy the resulting man-made pool. A bowl of stones is provided to allow visitors to make small wishes before tossing them into the tiny pool.

Song of the Wind

Song of the Wind is the location of an enormous, branching limbed tree that is filled with paper lanterns, colorful string, and baubles strung from hemp cords. The resulting decorations produce a soft song when the wind passes through the limbs. Easily reachable boughs provide excellent resting locations for the more carefree guests.

Whispering Boughs

Whispering Boughs marks the border of a birch grove that slowly descends the mountain but is also the home of the Cervidae Corral where several mounts are stored.

Juniper Umbrella

Juniper Umbrella is the home of the largest juniper bush within the alpine meadow and offers a quiet place for repose. The nearby bench helps with this activity.

Nodding Heads

Nodding Heads is perhaps the most verdant portion of the alpine meadow and home to several varieties of pluckable flowers. Sometimes, errant breezes will tug free a rare bough of hidden forget-me-not blossoms.

Roar of the Stars

Mirror of the Sky, Giggling Stones, Whispering Boughs, and Nodding Heads also house ambling tracks that lead to the top of the cairn where the Roar of the Stars is located. This flat plain has boulders for sitting upon, which encircle an enormous bonfire that blazes bright and hot most of the day and night. Guests can take time to attend, exhale, feed, gaze, inspect, kneel, lean, look, lie, nudge, poke, prod, rub, and sit by the bonfire for unique experiences. Please note, anything fed to the fire is consumed by the flames.

Also in this location, a small enclosure has a cookfire that is filled with clay baking vessels. Each is filled with something warm to eat.