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A leather book (aka 'rune book') is a special tome used by sorcerers to record the runic representation of the unique magical pattern of each particular area. Once entered into the book, these patterns can be drawn once again to be used as targets of Planar Shifting.

  • Each book has ten pages, each page capable of storing twenty patterns (200 total entries).
  • One must be bonded to the book to record patterns within. Once a book has been un-bonded, it can no longer record new patterns.
  • Sorcerers can draw patterns from any book regardless of bonding status.

Obtaining a Book

These books can be purchased at a town's alchemist supplier, costing roughly 2,000 silver (may vary depending upon trading modifiers). Books may be customized at their time of purchase. Ordering "a leather book" then adding option 13 would create "an orange leather book." It takes several minutes for the merchant to complete custom orders. The following options are available for customization:

1. white 8. cyan 15. lavender
2. grey 9. green 16. golden
3. black 10. yellow 17. silvery
4. dark 11. brown 18. chrome
5. red 12. tan 19. brass
6. blue 13. orange 20. crimson
7. azure 14. purple

Bonding to a Book

Sorcerers must bond with their books before patterns can be recorded within. Only the sorcerer bonded to a particular book can record patterns into it. Only one book can be bonded to at a time. To bond a book, bring it to the summoning chamber of a nearby Sorcerer Guild. A latticed yellow crystal is located there, which must be rubbed while holding the book in hand.

  • While holding the book, RUB CRYSTAL to bond.

Recording and Erasing Patterns

Rooms which can be teleported into each possess a unique pattern of magical flows. Sorcerers can sense these patterns, and copy them into their books. Patterns are expressed as a series of ancient runes, and color-coded to represent the realm of Elanith which they occupy. Executing a successful sense will copy the pattern to the first available space on the page which the book is currently open to. To remove a pattern, use tap and poke to select the desired pattern. The use rub to remove it.

  • While holding the book, SENSE PATTERN to record the patterns of the magical flows of a room. If a room cannot be a target of Planar Shifting, you will receive messaging to that effect.

Drawing Patterns

In order to properly execute a Planar Shift, both a summoning circle and pattern targeting a specific location must be in place. First draw a summoning circle, then draw a pattern. Once both outlines are in place, you may then cast the magic at the circle.

  • Holding the book in your right hand, and appropriate chalk in the left, DRAW PATTERN {#}.

Complete Runebook Verbs

SENSE PATTERN Adds the runic pattern for the current room (if available) to the first blank slot on the current page.
{TURN|FLIP} BOOK Turn to the next page, flip back one page.
DRAW PATTERN {#} Draws the corresponding pattern into a vacant summoning circle.
RUB BOOK Attempts to delete the selected pattern. Rub a second time to proceed with deletion.
{TAP|POKE} BOOK Tap to select the next rune on the open page. Poke to select the previous.
WHISPER BOOK SHOW PATTERN {#} Displays a snapshot of the pattern's corresponding room description. Used to identify and verify specific destinations.