Rysus Codex

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The Rysus Codex was a document which established the legal foundation of the Turamzzyrian Empire.

The Rysus Codex emerged as a result of the rise of feudalism in the Turamzzyrian Empire, which in turn, was provoked by the arrival of noble refugees from the more politically advanced Kingdom of Hendor. The codex declares the rights of all individuals in the empire from Emperor to field hand, but neglects to reference slaves or non-humans (slaves are property, thus no rights. As for non-humans, it was a debated issue). The most important part of the codex covers the ruler's responsibility to the people of the empire and the rights of the upper class of the empire.

The codex was put together under the reign of emperor Perrinor Rysus beginning in 4686 and finishing in 4694. Formed from a reaction against the absolutist behavior of recent rulers, Rysus had convened a Council of Lords to discuss its implementation and relied upon four advisers for its construction. Upon its assumption as imperial law, titles and holdings were officially placed upon the nobility and ruling families of the empire. Through out the empire, the various rulers of the different provinces were allowed to interpret and apply it best accordingly to local circumstances.