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The SENSE verb allows characters of different professions to determine information about their surrounding areas. Currently, this verb is most useful for Clerics, Empaths, Paladins, Rangers, Rogues and Sorcerers, although it has been used in the past (and still is, although the reason is now obsolete) for Wizards.

For all other professions, the verb merely gives one a basic, humorous message. "You sense you are not a wizard and thank your lucky stars."

Clerics and Empaths

Clerics and empaths who are familiar with the Minor Sanctuary (213) spell can SENSE an area to see if it already has a minor sanctuary running.


Minor sanctuary present:
You open your soul to the lesser spirits in the area in an attempt to find a Minor Sanctuary. An obvious presence of peace saturates the area and a feeling of safety overwhelms you.

Minor sanctuary absent:
You open your soul to the lesser spirits in the area in an attempt to find a Minor Sanctuary. Nothing stands out to you. Roundtime: 3 sec.

Clerics and Paladins

For those that are close to the Gods, the SENSE verb allows the character to detect the presence of any diety's special presence. If detected, such a presence effects the outcome of a Prayer of Commune. Such a location (called a "holy shrine" permits a Paladin to bond to a weapon via Sanctifying it, or a Warrior to use the Weapon Bonding maneuver.

Such a place is also the only location that a character can change their CONVERT status via an Intercession gem prepared using Tier 5 of the Cleric Base spell Holy Receptacle.


Deity absent:
Utilizing your familiarity with the divine, you sense no prevalent spiritual influence in the area.

Deity present:
Utilizing your familiarity with the divine, you sense the distinct presence of Lorminstra's influence in the area.


Rangers are stewards and students of nature, and as such have the ability to glean more information about the world around them than do other classes. A ranger can SENSE the "nature" of their environs, providing the ranger with useful data about available Animal Companions, climate, and terrain; the latter two are mostly of interest to those attempting to FORAGE.

Rangers can also sense non-obvious paths, or exits from a room, unless they are not supposed to be findable.


Rogues are able to get a sense of "crowd conditions." By attempting to SENSE their surroundings, they are able to get a feel of whether an attempt to STEAL (verb) would be successful, or noticed.


With a seasoned eye, you begin to scan the area...

Without proper pickpocketing training:
You discover that you're not really skilled enough at this to be able to tell much.

In the Small Park in Wehnimer's Landing:
While not exactly a walk in the park (well, actually WOULD be a walk in the park if you care to be technical about it), you could probably get away with it if you made careful choices.


When a sorcerer attempts to SENSE the PATTERN (Syntax: SENSE PATTERN), they will record into their tome a sequence of runes that can be used to Planar Shift (740) back to that room later.


Previously, the SENSE verb informed a Wizard of the relative strengths of any mana pools in the area, which provided a good guage for what sort of Enchanting project was possible, and if one was located in a Wizard's Workshop. With the removal of mana pools from the enchanting system, the verb now simply informs if an area is, in fact, a workshop.