STEAL (verb)

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The STEAL command is used to surreptitiously attempt to remove coins, gems and other valuables from player or non-player characters' pockets and containers.

Type: STEAL HELP <Items|Target|Sense> in game for syntax and options.


"With a seasoned eye, you begin to scan the area..."


  • "You can't help but think that more favorable conditions could be found with a minimum of effort.


  • "Only the most nimble or desperate of thieves would risk putting themselves at such risk, when other opportunities are surely available."
  • "The odds aren't really in your favor, but when has that ever stopped you?"
  • "Tricky, very tricky. The right thief could probably pull it off. A pair would be better."
  • "Unless you find a wealthy corpse, you would probably have more luck convincing a roa'ter to dance than you would picking a pocket here."

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