Saewehna Jungle

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The Saewehna Jungle is an area on the southern end of the Isle of the Four Winds - south of the settlement of Mist Harbor.

Cliff Diving

One can jump from the plateau on the second level of the waterfall and land in the Lagoon below.

>jump plateau
You step out onto the plateau and adjust your footing upon the slick rocks.  Gazing down at the lagoon below, you take a deep breath, arch your body, and dive off in a single motion.

Air whistles in your ears and through your hair as you attempt to keep your body in a straight formation, hands pointed and together, eyes closed.

[Saewehna Lagoon]
Lines of ivory foam cling to the edge of the shoreline, intermingling with the strands of flora that flourish on the shore of the lagoon.  The trees framing the lagoon provide some respite from the heat of the sun as the branches of a few extend out over the water to cast shadows over the surface.  A decorated bamboo hut occupying the majority of the shore can be seen as well as a pathway providing a means to travel around the lagoon.
Obvious paths: north, southwest, west, northwest
Your entire form is enveloped in a splash of cool water as you enter the lagoon!  Waves of the refreshing liquid ripple over your body as you immediately push yourself to the surface and catch your breath.

Bird Watching

There are four macaws, four bee-eaters, and four broadbills. Each one is around for 48 hours before it goes away and another replaces it. They are completely random as to which one comes next, so if a particular bee-eater is around for 48 hours, then leaves, you may get another bee-eater or you may get a totally different type of bird such as a macaw or a broadbill. The only key element is that each one is only around for 48 hours at a time before a new one comes around. They move around once every 7 minutes, and no there's no way to startle them to drop a feather. They will randomly drop a feather about once every day.

The feathers can be used for keepsakes, which are quills and hair-altering feathers.

a scissor-tail variegated bee-eater

The scissor-tail variegated bee-eater wanders around on the Coastal Cliffs on the eastern side of the Saewehna Jungle.

This particular bird actually only comes around once every 24 days. There are four bee-eaters, all different in their own way, each coming around in the same time frame.

This bird will randomly drop a scissor-shape variegated feather about once every day.


Sleek and slender in form, the bee-eater's distinctive body shape creates a silhouette resembling an elongated dart with vibrant coloring.


A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater gazes about at its environment for a moment, then proceeds to hop along without a care, pecking and observing.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater glides around gracefully and lands upon the ground without a sound. It gazes about at its environment for a moment, then proceeds to hop along without a care, pecking and observing.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater glides gracefully through the air before swooping to the ground and landing gently.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater glides gracefully through the air, idly observing the ground as it enjoys flight.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater pecks quietly at the ground, then lifts something up in its tiny beak and takes flight.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater ruffles its feathers, turning its head and cleaning itself vigorously with its beak.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater suddenly stills completely, only its vivid eyes darting from side to side as it holds a strict pose. After a moment, it cocks its head and takes flight.

A scissor-tail variegated bee-eater twitters softly for a moment, neck craned and eyes trained on something in the distance. Its feathers spread in a beautiful display of their vivid hues, before it settles back down as if nothing had occurred, silent once more.

Ruffling its feathers lightly, a scissor-tail variegated bee-eater turns its head and grooms itself for a moment. A scissor-shape variegated feather flutters to the ground in the aftermath.

Saewehna Lagoon Refreshments

[Saewehna Lagoon, Shore]
A brief glimpse of the cliffs can be seen through the trees as the terrain thins further from the lagoon border where moss and clusters of flowers create a lush shoreline.  Offering a slight reprieve from the heat, the trees manage to provide enough of a canopy to cast shade over a large bamboo hut fashioned with a wide counter.
Obvious paths: northeast, northwest

>look in hut
In the bamboo hut you see a slender female attendant and a tall female attendant.

>look first attendant
Larena is young and tall, with pale blonde hair lightened naturally from the sun.  She wears a colorful necklace of flowers and a pair of painted, wooden bead earrings to compliment the ivory sarong skirt and pale blue wrap-bodice she wears to work.

>look second attendant
Solani has long red hair that is drawn back from her face with a simple, woven reed circlet to keep the curls from getting in her way as she works.  Her dark grey eyes take in the surroundings with a watchful gaze, almost as if she is concerned about something.  A colorful necklace of flowers complete her work uniform of an ivory sarong skirt and a pale blue wrap-bodice.

Item Price
some freshly squeezed iced lemonade
Icy and refreshing, it cools you down from head to toe.
It is deliciously cool.
some rum-laced cold mango juice
It is very sweet, with an intense, concentrated flavor.
A slight tartness makes the sweetness even more enjoyable.
some iced peach tea
Fragrant and touched with just a hint of cream and honey, the tea is rich in flavor.
The almost flowery scent of peaches and apricots floods your senses even as the fruity taste rolls over your tongue.
a glass of chilled kiwi wine
Revitalizing! Truly exquisite -- a drink to make you sit up and take notice of the world.
Effervescent bubbles burst over your tongue, accompanied by a heady wave of exquisite flavor.
a tall glass of ice cold water 80
a bowl of salted chicken and rice soup
Hints of lime permeate the heavily salted broth of the soup, while plump morsels of white rice and chicken add a distinct texture to the meal.
Dark brown broth, heavily salted and seasoned with pepper, garlic, lime, and bay leaves, is speckled with tender, delectable slivers of moist chicken.
a bowl of pureed coconut black bean soup
Creamy and smooth, the soup has hints of lime swirled within the clearly flavors of coconut and black bean.
Lime flavoring blends with the strong taste of the coconut milk and the denser, earthier flavors of the black bean.
a dish of grilled red snapper 400
a grilled and mango-stuffed bass 400
a bowl of honey-glazed tropical fruit salad
The mixture of honey-glazed salad creates a fresh and flowery-scented salad of chunked pieces of honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.
As if the sweetness of the honey-glazed salad themselves weren't enough, a dab of wildflower honey has been added, lending to the fruit a slight sweet-tart taste that only honey can give.

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