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A sanctuary is a place kept safe through spiritual magic. They can be naturally occurring having been blessed in the name of one of the Arkati or they can be created by a those with access to the proper spells.

Some towns, such as Wehnimer's Landing, maintain a sanctuary in central locations to help keep the citizenry safe.


  • Hostile creatures will not enter a sanctuary.
  • Attacking and stealing are prohibited.
  • Offensive spells cannot be cast.
  • Spellcasting will not fail due to hindrance from armor.
  • Clerics, empaths, monks, and eventually savants can meditate.

Types of sanctuaries

Permanent sanctuaries are set locations that are always safe, except under extraordinary circumstances such as demonic invasions. An example of a permanent sanctuary is Town Square Central in Wehnimer's Landing.

Major sanctuaries are special places of refuge created through the spell Major Sanctuary (220) and separated from the outside world, connected only to a single anchoring room. It is possible for a major sanctuary to fall if the anchor room is in an area with disruptive magics that can counteract sanctuary effects.

Minor sanctuaries are ordinary rooms under the effect of the Minor Sanctuary (213) or Song of Peace (1011) spells.


Locksmithing activities, especially disarming traps, are generally performed away from sanctuaries, as the possible effects of setting off a trap may require offensive actions to counteract.

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