Sankir the Bloodfist

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Sankir the Bloodfist
Storyline War of Nations
Gender male
Race krolvin
Status dead

Sankir the Bloodfist was a Krolvin leader who was part of a Krolvin Invasion force against Teras Isle, he split with Bloodmaster Khortal, Stormcrow Gkig, Glern, Bloodmaster Katchakya and Slasher Klarshand. They briefly occupied the town of River's Rest in the year 5103 then later traveled to Solhaven's marshtown.


You see Sankir, the Czag Dubras Bloodfist.
A network of scars whiten the blue skin of his cheeks and forehead, creating a gristly frame for the two hard black beads of his glaring eyes. A shock of ice-white hair covers half his head. The other half is marred by puckered and ropy burnt bluish skin.
He is holding a bone shard edged razern cutlass with a humanoid jawbone pommel in his right hand.
He is wearing a patchwork tanned skin mantle, an amber-beaded rotten tusk pendant, some segmented thin bone disk armor, a wide leather veil iron inset belt, a gore-smeared braided dwarf beard weapon loop, and a pair of shredded military trousers with faded bands of mist hued piping. 


Initially, Sankir was second-in-command to Moradga, Czag Dubra, of a Krolvin invasion fleet on Teras Isle. When the invasion stalled, Moradga was recalled by the Krolvin War Council, but Sankir was passed over for command for a Krolvin stormcrow named Akhri. Sankir killed Akhri and left the island with a faction of followers and soon arrived in River's Rest.

The town, defended only by local citizens, was quickly overrun by the Krolvin army and occupied for several months. During this time, Sankir routinely kidnapped residents and tortured them hoping to crush a resistance to the occupation. In addition, Sankir became an open practitioner of dark arts, forbidden even by the Krolvin.

Sankir left River's Rest to head to Solhaven in order to scout out his next potential target for invasion with a dream of establishing an empire on the contintent. In Solhaven, he met with the Baron of Vornavis Dunrith Malwind, and tried to sell his services as a mercenary. The baron turned down the offer and ordered Sankir to depart as quickly as possible. It was at this court that Sankir first displayed the Staff of River's Rest, a symbol of political control of River's Rest. The staff then became the subject of a vow of a resident of the town to recover, regardless of the time required.

Sankir met his end nearly two years later in 5105, when an expedition mounted by The Fortuneers tracked him to an archipelago in the Great Western Sea. The expedition proved successful and by its end, Sankir was killed, or at least, believed to be dead.