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Saralis is the fallen kingdom of the continent Jaiman immediately south of Quellbourne, the Kelfour's Landing region around Claedesbrim Bay (Darkstone Bay) in the Shadow World history. It is between the Bay of Ulor on its west coast, historically dominated by Lorgalis the White, and vast inland lakes on its east coast separating it from the wasteland of Zor. In the Third Era it is fragmented under petty rulers with no centralized power. Lorgalis with his Cult of the Sea Drake, the Dragonlord Oran Jatar with his Cult of the Dragon, and the Dragonlord Sulthon Ni'shaang all had designs on the conquest of Saralis in 6050 Third Era. This was the year GemStone III was initially set in the I.C.E. Age. Slightly later in the timeline matters change, as the Sea Drake crown is worn to the detriment of Lorgalis in U-Lyshak immediately to the south of Saralis, and Sulthon Ni'shaang instead invades Zor. The crown was acquired by Kier Ianis, Prince of Helyssa, as an intrigue of Sulthon Ni'shaang who is Loraglis' rival for conquering Jaiman.

Saralis was ruled in the Second Era under kings who guarded it with the Wyvern Crown, one of the other Six Crowns of Tethior the famous Iylari smith, which had tremendous powers over the essence allowing the wearer to sense invaders and smite them with extreme weather. This is implicitly why Kestrel Etrevion failed in his invasion attempt, being awarded a fiefdom along the windward edge of the Bay. Later, Lorgalis was able to breach the essence barrier in 6521 Second Era using the Ordainer Kharuugh, who destroyed the Wyvern Crown by cleaving it along with the head of the king.

Behind the Scenes

Saralis exists in a state of ruins and almost total desolation in the Third Era, primarily inhabited by backwards superstitious farmers. There is a phrase for ridiculous credulity in Helyssa: "If you believe that, I have some farmland in Saralis you might be interested in." Like the modern lore for Vohr Navis, the northern coast (except lake side) is plagued with deadly Kraken, not far south from the pass through the Dragonsfang mountains into the foothills near what we call Zeltoph. In the Quellbourne book these are called the Kaldsfang mountains, but they are also called Dragonsfang in some sources.

This is near the location of the dreaded N'gurath Gar, the Spiral of Death, some ancient monstrous pit with mentalist powers that feeds upon ensnared travelers. In the Grand Campaign quest setting, which is related to the Shadow World inspiration for the Vvrael quest, the player characters are rescued from the pit by the half-crazy Loremaster Elor Once Dark who lives in a hidden house in the foothills.