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Sargassa's is the herbalist shop located in Solhaven. An assortment of different herbs are sold here by Merchant Kelph while a NPC healer also resides behind the swinging door once inside.


Name Price
1. some acantha leaf
2. some wolifrew lichen
3. some torban leaf
4. some woth flower
5. some ambrominas leaf
6. some ephlox moss
7. some cactacae spine
8. some calamia fruit
9. some aloeas stem
10. some haphip root
11. some basal moss
12. some pothinir grass
13. some sovyn clove
14. a bolmara potion
15. a rose-marrow potion
16. a brostheras potion
17. a talneo potion
18. a wingstem potion
19. a bur-clover potion