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Sargassa's is the herb shop in Solhaven. It is located on Latirus Lane east of the local Adventurer's Guild. The town healer, Sargassa, is located through the door.

[Sargassa's, Front Room]
This bright, sunny room smells strongly of dried herbs and flowers. Long shelves hold rows of glaes-blown bottles and small wooden herb boxes. A young half-elven girl whistles to herself as she busily stocks the shelves. You also see a small birdcage, the merchant Kelph and a swinging door.


Welcome to Sargassa's!

The merchant  Kelph offers her catalog to browse.
Kelph gives you a warm smile and a wink when you enter.

  1. some acantha leaf      11. some basal moss
  2. some wolifrew lichen   12. some pothinir grass
  3. some torban leaf       13. some sovyn clove
  4. some woth flower       14. a bolmara potion
  5. some ambrominas leaf   15. a rose-marrow potion
  6. some ephlox moss       16. a brostheras potion
  7. some cactacae spine    17. a talneo potion
  8. some calamia fruit     18. a wingstem potion
  9. some aloeas stem       19. a bur-clover potion
  10. some haphip root


The young half-elven girl is dressed in a soft green gown, covered almost completely with a pinstriped cotton apron.  Her brown hair is tied back with a bright yellow ribbon.  Her hands and apron are stained from grinding her herbs.

Wielding her feather duster, Kelph cleans the long shelves, dusting the bottles, jars and boxes with utmost care.

Kelph carefully drops some honeyed seeds into the songbird's cage before turning back to her work.

Kelph carefully grinds some acantha leaf into a paste, adds a pinch of yellow powder, then scoops the thick mixture into a small glaes jar.

The herbalist picks up a stack of cloth strips, rolls them into small bundles, and places them in a small basket.

Kelph stops whistling, cocks her head to one side, and smiles brightly before turning back to her herbs.