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This script pops up a window to show you which room you are in on a map. The script originally used only Tsoran’s maps, but since those are becoming increasingly outdated, new maps are being created and added to narost. The script continues to show you what room you are in as you move around, changing maps as needed. It allows you to click on a room to make the go2 script take you there, and some other things.

Basic Help

  • click on a room to go there
  • shift-click on a room to show its description
  • right-click for additional options

Right-click, view tags will show all the items one can FORAGE for on the current map. Click on the item to see the exact locations.


Third-Party Software - edit
Utility: Lich | PsiNet
Scripts Included with Lich: LNet | Go2 | Narost | Repository
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