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Lich can take away most of the tedium and memorization that comes along with playing an archaic, text based game, leaving you only as much work as you find enjoyable. Scripts are found in the REPOSITORY and you may DOWNLOAD them as per your needs.

How to Use the Repository

The repository has four basic commands:


;repository download <scriptname>

;repository info <scriptname>

;repository list

The first shows a Help screen and is the root command for all others.

The second, often shortened to ';repo down', lets you download a specified script.

Third, INFO provides information about whatever script is specified. If the author has been kind and thorough, this will tell you how to use the script and if it has any interdependencies.

Fourth, LIST will list all scripts in the repository. The output is daunting.

What to Get

The following are a list of scripts that enhance or extend basic functions of Gemstone IV and can improve or streamline your gaming experience to a point where you can't think of ever going back. The Must Haves

  • Narost - Narost is an active map library that can display your location and allows Point-And-Click travel. Simply right click and choose a map, pick a room on it and click on it. You will begin traveling there post-haste.
  • Go2 - Go2 is an intelligent travel script that is synchronized to many of the more complex scripts. Go2 uses a Room Number system and can intelligently plot routes between most any two rooms in all of Elanthia. Use can be as simple as ';go2 town' or ';go2 bank' to head to the nearest town square or bank. Use ';go2 targets' to see a list of pre-programmed locations broken down by towns. Or, use ;go2 save <new location name>=<new location room number> to create your own locations.
  • Wander - The last of the Trifector of Travel, ;wander will move from room to room until it runs into a Boundary - a specified room number - or finds a room with a monster AND empty of players. Wander can be used to create a walled in hunting ground, letting you automatically move from room to room without having to use keystrokes. Use the ';wander add' command to add the room you are currently standing in to the Wander List. Note: Wander will NOT enter your boundary rooms. For example, adding Town Square East to the list and then executing ;wander from within the confines of Moot Hall will send your character exploring every room in Moot, but unable to leave as TSE is a Boundary.
  • Uberbar - UberBar consolidates wound status, hitpoints, stamina, mana, spirit, exp, mind, stance and encumbrance into one window. It then adds in a handy room number tracker and Exp tracker. A must have.
  • Uberspells - Like UberBar, UberSpells is an improvement on the basic StormFront windows. UberSpells itemizes your spells and provides a time remaining on your current Buffs, including some status effects such as Popped Muscles.
  • Useherbs - Takes the mystery out of using your herbs. Usage syntax is ';useherbs <container>', where <container> can be any worn container or even the bench in Town Square Central. When it is finished, it will display the herbs needed to fix whatever wounds and scars were unable to be healed. Finally, as if it needed to be more useful, ';useherbs list' will provide a list of herbs itemized by condition.
  • Sorter - Sorter cleans up your bags and breaks down the the output of a LOOK command, sorting the results by type. Makes looking in your locker or backpack, and especially your gem pouch, infinitely easier.
  • Infomon - While Infomon does not directly improve on any particualr function, many other scripts are dependent upon it, and will not function without Infomon.

Ingame Help Output


   ;repository list [alpha]            lists all scripts available for download (optionally in alphabetial order)
   ;repository sync [alpha]            lists only new and/or updated scripts
   ;repository info <script name>      shows the comments at the top of the script
   ;repository download <script name>  downloads the script
   ;repository upload <script name>    uploads the script
   ;repository delete <script name>    deletes the script from the server

Scripts should include comments at the top describing the purpose of the script.  Scripts without comments at the top will not show up on the server.

After uploading a script, a key that allows you to delete/update the script will be saved to C:/Games/lich/keys


Third-Party Software - edit
Utility: Lich | PsiNet
Scripts Included with Lich: LNet | Go2 | Narost | Repository
Downloadable Lich Scripts: UberPlugins | Waggle | Sloot | Bigshot