Scuttlebug Tavern

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Scuttlebug Tavern is a food shop in Mist Harbor. The tavern is located on Trident Way in Western Harbor and houses 11 tables from which food can be ordered.

[Scuttlebug Tavern]
Rough oak planks spread from the entry at one end of the room to the dinghy-shaped bar that is surrounded by stools at the other, their slender surfaces riddled with large and small knots. High above, a chandelier housing dozens of candles provides ample illumination for each of the various tables that are scattered throughout, while also illuminating the various signs that hang from the rafters. A rickety staircase leads to the upstairs and connects with a balcony that encircles half of the tavern.


  1. a glass of V'tull's Revenge    4. a glass of scuttlebug rot
  2. a glass of assassin's poison   5. a cup of spiked desert coffee
  3. some distilled garlic water    6. a fluted glass of absinthe