Sellivar's Heat Sources

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Sellivar's Heat Sources is the Premium Home Fireplace shop in Zul Logoth. It is located northeast of Clerane's Wall Hangings in the Furniture Foyer.

[Sellivar's Heat Sources]
Noticeably warmer than its neighbors, this shop features an assortment of heat sources on display around the area. A wrought iron stove radiates heat in the far corner, its fire tended to by a dwarven attendant. A polished bell and a stack of papers sit atop a raised rock slab serving as a desk along the back wall. You also see Sellivar and an etched pale slate sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   45000  an invar-edged iron brazier
2.)   40000  an austere black invar firepit
3.)   95000  an opal-inlaid green marble fireplace
4.)   40000  a simple white stone hearth
5.)   95000  a ruby-inlaid white marble fireplace
6.)   80000  a reflective grey metal stove
7.)   55000  a brilliant blue steel stove
8.)   55000  a blackened stone kiln