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A shadowy leatherbound guidebook is an item used in the Evermore Hollow introduction quest, The Newly Unliving Registry.



This guidebook is your quest tracker for Ebon Gate and Naidem.  You can follow your progress by reading each page and seeking out the specific areas for each quest.  Once a quest is completed, it will be noted on each individual quest page as well as in the Epilogue as a summary.

  FLIP: Turn the guidebook to the next page.
  READ: View the page's details.
  TURN: Turn the guidebook to a specific page. (IE: TURN BOOK TO 5)

Once you have completed all 13 quests, the Epilogue will become functional as a Merchant Service & Raffle tracker with teleport options.  Teleport is available as both PnC and as a whisper ability.

For Merchant Services: WHISPER GUIDEBOOK SERVICE {Service #}
For Raffle Services: WHISPER GUIDEBOOK RAFFLE {Raffle #}

The guidebook is restricted to this character.


Verb First Third
CLOSE Making a small fold in the top right corner of the page, you mark Page <#> to save your place before closing the leatherbound guidebook. XXX makes a small fold on the page in her guidebook and closes it.
FLIP Moistening your finger first with your own saliva, you grab the page's corner and flip it gently, advancing to the next in the guidebook. Since you've reached the end, you flip back to the beginning. N/A
OPEN Noting where the earmark is, you open your leatherbound guidebook to your last viewed page and scan over the information. XXX opens her leatherbound guidebook and scans the page's contents.
TURN Realizing that you're holding the leatherbound guidebook upside down, you turn it rightside up and grin sheepishly. A dumbfounded look on her face, XXX turns her leatherbound guidebook rightside up and grins sheepishly.
TURN TO # You quickly flip through some of the leatherbound guidebook's pages until you get to page 1. XXX quickly flips through her leatherbound guidebook's pages.
WHISPER It appears that you have a group with you. If you continue, you will take your entire group with you to "Vigil's End, Armistice Avenue". If you DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS, then DISBAND or LEAVE your GROUP and try again. Otherwise, REPEAT YOUR COMMAND WITHIN 15 SECONDS to be taken to "Vigil's End, Armistice Avenue".
With a shadowy leatherbound guidebook in hand, you rush off to Vigil's End, Armistice Avenue!
With her face buried in her leatherbound guidebook, XXX rushes off!

Note: At the time of this writing, the WHISPER message had errant messaging: Oops. Looks like XXX left you behind since you were unseen.. This has been removed in this verb table for clairty.

Shadowy leatherbound guidebook Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to guidebook
Original Release Merchant Quest
Original Release Venue Evermore Hollow
Original Release Year 2022
Quest Item Yes
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Character
Item Verbs