Shield Focus

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Shield Focus
Available To Varies by size
Cost Passive
Requirements None
Prerequisites N/A
Rank Cost
1 4  
4 10 
5 12

Shield Focus is a passive shield specialization that gives you +2 to offensive shield attacks, +2 to resist Sunder Shield, and +1 CvA per rank, as well as serving as a prerequisite to many other shield specializations. There are four different Shield Focus abilities, each requiring a different size of shield -- small, medium, large or tower. Rogues can only train in Small or Medium Shield Focus, while Paladins can only train in Large or Tower Shield Focus. Warriors can train in any size shield.

Requires rank 2 Shield Focus
Protective Wall (tower shields only)
Requires rank 3 Shield Focus
Shield Swiftness (small and medium shields only)
Shielded Brawler
Prop Up (large and tower shields only)
Deflection Training
Spell Block
Steely Resolve (tower shields only)