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Shield Specialization is a maneuver system similar to Combat Maneuvers for warriors, rogues, and paladins. Each rank in Shield Use provides one Shield Training Point, which can be used to train in various shield-based abilities and attacks. The SHIELD verb provides access to this system.

A character may not devote more than one (1) Shield Training Point per level to a single skill.

SHIELD (verb)

The SHIELD verb is used to train in and activate Shield Specializations. The various skills can be trained via SHIELD LEARN. Skills may be unlearned via SHIELD UNLEARN, and the lists of skills to learn can be viewed via SHIELD LIST. SHIELD HELP {Specialization} provides detailed information on each of the skills.

USAGE: SHIELD [option] {args}
       SHIELD <skill> {target}

LEARN {specialization}     - Trade in Shield Training points for specialization training
UNLEARN {specialization}   - Trade specializations known to you for Shield Training points
LIST                       - Lists potential specializations available for you to train in
LIST PROFESSION            - Lists specializations available to your profession
                             You may also specify the profession you wish to view
LIST ALL                   - Lists all released specializations
INFO                       - Displays your current specialization training info
HELP {specialization}      - Lists information about the selected specialization

List of available Shield Specializations


Name Warrior Rogue Paladin Prerequisites Description
Small Shield Focus X X None Adds attack bonus and CvA with small shields, unlocks other abilities
Medium Shield Focus X X None Adds attack bonus and CvA with medium shields, unlocks other abilities
Large Shield Focus X X None Adds attack bonus and CvA with large shields, unlocks other abilities
Tower Shield Focus X X None Adds attack bonus and CvA with tower shields, unlocks other abilities
Shield Bash X X X None Attempt to wallop your foe with your shield, causing stance change/knockdown/RT/minor damage.
Shield Charge X X Shield Bash (rank 2) Improved version of Shield Bash.
Shield Push X X Shield Bash (rank 2) Push an enemy into another room and give RT.
Shield Pin X* Shield Bash (rank 2) Fake a shield bash, followed by a weapon attack with critical weighting.
Shield Swiftness X X Shield Focus (rank 3), small/medium shield Reduces dodge DS penalty from shield.
Shielded Brawler X X X Shield Focus (rank 3) Reduces MM penalty from shield.
Prop Up X X Shield Focus (rank 3), large/tower shield Reduced chance to be knocked down from critical damage, CML defense against knockdown maneuvers.
Adamantine Bulwark X* Prop Up (rank 2) Reduced RT inflicted on you by physical attacks.
Shield Riposte X X Shield Bash (rank 2) Martial Stance, give extra RT to attacking opponents.
Shield Forward X X X None Gain a bonus to defensive Shield Use after using offensive shield attacks.
Shield Spike Focus X X X None Reduces the penalty when using a spiked shield to attack.
Shield Spike Mastery X X X Shield Spike Focus (rank 2) Allows reactive shield spike flares.
Deflection Training X X Shield Focus (rank 3) Redirect ranged/thrown attacks at enemies.
Deflection Mastery X X Deflection Training (rank 3) Additional CML and maneuver defense.
Block the Elements X X None Reduces damage from elemental flares and ball explosions.
Deflect the Elements X X None Provides a chance to block elemental flares and ball explosions.
Steady Shield X X Stun Maneuvers (rank 2) Reduces the penalty to block chance from being stunned.
Disarming Presence X X Disarm Weapon (rank 2) Martial Stance, chance to disarm on a block.
Guard Mastery X* None Increased effectiveness when GUARDing.
Tortoise Stance X* Block Mastery (rank 2) Martial Stance, reduced AS and additional block chance.
Spell Block X X X Shield Focus (rank 3), ensorcelled/anti-magic shield Allows blocking magical bolts and balls.
Shield Mind X X X Spell Block (rank 2) Ten seconds of automatic warding success while in defensive stance.
Protective Wall X X Shield Focus (rank 2), tower shield Reduced DS penalty from conditions on group members/self.
Shield Strike X X X Shield Bash (rank 2) Quick shield bash followed by weapon attack.
Shield Strike Mastery X X X Shield Strike (rank 3), 30 ranks MOC End your mstrikes with a shield bash.
Shield Trample X* Shield Charge (rank 2) Knock down multiple targets and give RT.
Shield Trample Mastery X* Shield Trample (rank 3), 30 ranks MOC Additional targets for Shield Trample.
Steely Resolve X X Shield Focus (rank 3), tower shield Bonus DS and block chance for a brief period.
Phalanx X X X None Work with group members with Phalanx to grant your group extra block chance.
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