Side by Side

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Side by Side
Available To All
Cost None
Roundtime Passive
Requirements None
Prerequisites Combat Movement (rank 2)
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 2 3
2 4 6
3 6 9 12 
4 8 12 16 
5 10 15 20

Side by side is a combat maneuver that gives a boost to Attack Strength (AS) and Defensive Strength (DS) while in a group.

This maneuver enhances closed-quarters encounters by providing an AS boost that applies to all melee AS attacks from the open (not hiding). This includes the commands ATTACK, KILL, AMBUSH and MSTRIKE, the CMs Berserk, Quickstrike, Spin Attack, Mighty Blow, Staggering Blow and Truehand and the spell V'tull's Fury (1718). It does not enhance ranged attacks or bolt attacks.

There are several variables that determine the AS/DS bonus provided to group members. This includes the number of group members, the number of CM and side by side ranks for the primary member and the number of CM and side by side ranks for other group members.

The requirement to train a pretty useless Maneuver as prerequisite means that its not worth training just one rank in Side by Side. If you intend to train it at all, train at least 2 ranks to get a decent return on the points sunk into Movement.