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Originally from Khazar's Hold, Sigfreda Falkenrath hails from the Roramnoak Clan and currently lives in Icemule Trace. She is a Master of the Guardians of Sunfist and holds citizenship on Teras Isle.

Race Dwarf
Culture Roramnoak
Class Ranger
Profession Scout
Religion Imaera
Likes Pale ales, birds
Dislikes Grimswarm, her six older brothers


You see Sigfreda Falkenrath the Scout.
She appears to be a Dwarf of the Roramnoak Clan.
She is average height and has a full-figured body. She appears to be young and robust. She has gold-striated vivid emerald green eyes and smoothly tanned skin. She has long, sun-tinted rich mahogany hair with her bangs gathered to the right temple and woven into a single five-plait braid adorned with twin tawny kestrel retrices. She has a plump face, a gently sloped nose and a neatly-trimmed beard. Her thick sideburns are styled into tiny twist braids and plaited upward into her hair.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a faenor-tooled ash grey modwir longbow in her left hand.
She is wearing an antique oval ivory cameo locket, a tangled drab beige cobweb rucksack, a gold-caged green amber talisman, a variegated green cordetum cloak, a long-tailed rufous kestrel charm, a set of mixed metal and suede scalemail, a square-necked alabaster linen shirt, an elbow-length suede falconry gauntlet, a wide embossed mocha leather belt, a cord-cinched sage canvas gem pouch, some narrow dark mahogany tweed pants reinforced with suede patches, and some soft-soled mocha leather boots.