Silver Gryphons 5118 Wehnimer's Landing Mayoral Debate

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9 Charlatos, 5118, edited by TownCrier Correspondents Irar and Lynaera, Log from Dame Deavon

The Order of the Silver Gryphon hosted a debate with Wehnimer's Landing 5118 mayoral candidates, Lylia and Leafiara, in which the two answered questions from those gathered.


You say, "The Order of the Silver Gryphon is pleased to host tonight’s event, featuring your candidates, Leafiara Autumnwind and Lylia Rashere."

You say, "The OSG is a chivalric group of knights, their squires, and friends of the Order who have sworn:"

You recite:

"To defend our town and the people who live within it, To protect those who cannot protect themselves, To aid those who are in need, if their cause is just, To serve with honor, by example and by deed."

You say, "If you have any questions about the Order, please hold them until after the debate, then look for those of us wearing this bracer."

You tap a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle that you are wearing.

You say, "Or these spurs."

You tap a pair of golden spurs that you are wearing.

You say, "With us tonight is candidate Leafiara Autumnwind."

You say, "Hailing from Wehnimer's Landing, and a cleric by profession, Leafiara believes in growing stronger together by embracing diversity, facing adversity, and building on our common bonds."

Leafiara warmly says, "Good eve to all up in the viewing area."

You say, "Also vying for the position of Mayor is Lylia Rashere."

You say, "A citizen of Wehnimer's Landing for the past two decades, Lylia is one of the Faendryl Enclave officers, diplomatic advisor to Mayor Cruxophim, one of the chief architects of the repeal of anti-magic laws, and House Brigatta ambassador."

Lylia says, "Hello. Good to see so many of you during the early hours."

The Debate

You say, "And now on to the debate. Please turn your attention to our candidates. We hope we’ve put together some interesting questions to ask of them, to give you more insight into their positions on issues and the way they think. Should we still have time at the end of our questions we will allow a few more from the attendees."

You say, "We will ask the question, then both candidates will have two minutes to respond. We will alternate who goes first. Should the question be posed to a specific candidate, the remaining candidate will get a chance for rebuttal. These questions do not necessarily reflect the collective concerns or opinions of the Order."

(Deavon turns to face Leafiara and Lylia.)

You ask, "Are you ready?"

Leafiara nods to you.

Lylia smoothly says, "Always."

Leafiara amicably assures, "As ever."

Deavon to Both: Promoting Diversity or Maintaining Tradition

You say, "Right then... first question, and we'll start with Lylia."

You turn to face Lylia.

You ask, "Do you have any plans to promote more religious/cultural diversity in the Landing proper -- or are you going to continue the local tradition of benign neglect in these matters?"

Lylia chuckles.

Lylia says, "I believe the term 'benign neglect' has it only half right."

(Lylia walks as she talks, addressing her remarks to the crowd.)

Lylia says, "Benign, yes -- but I do not feel we should neglect culture. Nor even faith, although it is not my particular nature or inclination to follow one."

Lylia says, "On the contrary. I welcome greater diversity. The more we know, the more we learn, the better we are prepared to meet any challenge."

Lylia notes, "I should add, however, that faith should not be blind."

Lylia says, "So if we are to build temples, we must build libraries alongside them."

Lylia says, "We have seen what happens when night falls on a faith with Chaston Griffin."

Lylia narrows her eyes.

You turn to face Leafiara.

Leafiara nods to you.

You say, "Leafiara, same question to you."

Leafiara amicably begins, "As I made sure that one of my signs says, I wholeheartedly believe in strength in our diversity."

Leafiara seriously says, "I've found no other place able to do much with so few resources at our disposal as the Landing, no doubt attributed to our wide variety of perspectives, ideas, and ideals."

Leafiara continues, "Let me be clear, as I answer, that I do not believe it is the place of a mayor to promote any specific culture or faith over any other--I celebrate every walk that our citizens find themselves on."

Leafiara says, "If elected I would certainly encourage all to come forward with ideas and events to promote the cultures and faiths they hold dear, so that everyone who cherishes the same values can participate and find common ground. Growing stronger together."

Leafiara concludes, "With the -promotion- of the mayoral office."

Leafiara smiles.

Leafiara nods to you.

Deavon to Leafiara: Difference Between Rone and Rysus

You say, "On to our second question... and this one is directed to Leafiara..."

You take a deep breath.

You ask, "Leafiara, Not too long ago Rone actually held a knife to your opponents throat after murdering dozens of citizens, and you helped to heal him. What is the difference between Rone and Rysus having supported them both first, then later turning against their villainy after being personally affected?"

(Lylia brings her fingers to her throat, and a fleeting expression of unease touches her features.)

Leafiara reminds, "First I would like to remind our audience that with Lady Lylia's life on the line I didn't see any other option but to give in to his demands in a hostage negotiation."

Lylia nods in agreement.

Leafiara seriously says, "I do understand that not all agree and that some believe I should have attacked Rone on the spot, but let us at least be clear about the details."

Leafiara continues, "Now, as to the difference between Rone and Rysus..."

Leafiara says, "Again I'd like to remind our audience that when I came to live here, Rysus and the Rooks were helping the Landing battle Chaston Griffin's forces, and I hadn't seen reason to believe that he was the villain others claimed."

Leafiara acknowledges, "Later he proved that they were right by threatening Reannah's life, and so I denounced him."

Leafiara says, "Rone, on the other hand, has only ever had one agenda--though at this point it's still difficult to say what it is."

Leafiara firmly says, "The only thing we can say is that he is taking the law into his own hands--even if we don't know how he chooses his targets."

Leafiara simply says, "So he must be stopped. At this point I'm not sure there is much of a difference between them--we have to apprehend them both."

You ask, "Response, Lady Rashere?"

Lylia nods once.

Lylia counters, "Rone has been clear in what he seeks. Justice to the 'corrupt.'."

Lylia says, "What we need to understand is what he defines as corruption -- and to unmask him. There is too much secrecy and too much inconstancy in this town."

Lylia paces back and forth.

Leafiara nods slowly.

Lylia says, "Rone was not the first to hold a knife to me. That would be Rysus, who did so after I began to ask too many questions and show a sketch of his face about town."

Lylia continues, "And I was taken by Rone in the first place because I moved to apprehend him, although anti-magic energies prevented me from carrying out my intentions."

Lylia says, "I have imperiled myself on more than one occasion to discover the truth."

Leafiara nods sympathetically at Lylia.

Lylia says, "With the resources of office, I would be able to accomplish more, and with greater safety -- not only personally, but for our town."

Lylia says, "Rysus has used children as shields."

Lylia closes her eyes for a moment.

Lylia says, "We must seek the root causes of Rooks and Rone and Rysus. Not merely...blow whichever way the winds do on their utility in the moment."

Deavon to Both: Conveying Trust to Townsfolk

You say, "Lylia, we'll start with you on this next question."

You ask, "History has shown that indecision leads to many innocent lives lost. How can each of you convey to the townspeople that you can be trusted to make timely, firm decisions and stand behind them?"

Lylia chuckles.

Lylia says, "I may have answered that to some extent in my rebuttal. I decided to confront Rone, and I was taken."

Lylia says, "I decided to reveal Rysus, and I was threatened."

Lylia tilts her head up.

(Lylia meets the eyes of some within the assembled crowd.)

Lylia says, "It is part of what leaders do. I have already demonstrated this."

Lylia says, "Decisions are not made alone. I do listen to counsel. But only if the counsel is wise, and only if I combine it with judgment and action."

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Lylia says, "I believe it is important to remain flexible, but flexibility should never be confused for indecision or inconstancy."

Lylia says, "Those of you who know me, know me to be constant. Here for decades."

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

Lylia says, "I welcome an opportunity to prove it to you once again."

You turn to face Leafiara.

Leafiara nods once at Lylia.

You say, "Leafiara, same question..."

You ask, "Shall I repeat it?"

Leafiara amicably says, "Not at all, I remember it well--a question I hold dear."

Leafiara nods.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Evia yell, "Yes please!"

Leafiara pleasantly says, "Ah... for our audience, then."

You say, "Oh, well then..."

You ask, "History has shown that indecision leads to many innocent lives lost. How can each of you convey to the townspeople that you can be trusted to make timely, firm decisions and stand behind them?"

Leafiara seriously begins, "Since this is concerning the safety of our people, let me say that it comes before anything. For as much as I believe in the ideals of the Landing--"

Leafiara taps a leaf-shaped button that reads "Team Leafi: For Frontier Freedom and Ideals!" that she is wearing.

Leafiara continues, "Of diversity, independent from the Empire, and our other values..."

Leafiara frankly says, "It's all a moot point if we can't protect our people's lives."

Lylia folds her arms, appearing to listen intently. She nods from time to time.

Leafiara states, "I can often be found on the front lines defending our town when we're attacked, or even investigating on my own where others will not."

Leafiara adds, "Such as when snipers were attacking our half-elven populations in the streets and I patrolled for them."

Leafiara frankly says, "I'll seek counsel from our militia captains when safety concerns come up, but you can be assured that if we have to take quick action, I'll put myself on the line even before anyone else--I am a town defender. I can say no more than that."

Lylia murmurs, "I can attest to having noticed you among the crowd when those victims of unspeakable depredations were found in that cavern recently, Leafiara."

Lylia smiles at Leafiara.

Deavon to Both: Trade with the Empire and Baronies

You say, "And, we're at the halfway point with our submitted questions."

You say, "This time, we'll start with you, Leafiara."

You ask, "Would you permit a trade agreement with the Empire or particular Baronies? If yes, any particular Barony stand out?"

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at Lylia.

Leafiara simply says, "As long as the trade agreement didn't require that we give up any of our rights or that we 'owe' something to the Empire, I don't see why I would be opposed."

Leafiara honestly says, "I don't intend to seek out trade with any specific baronies who haven't already been working with us. If they haven't wished to come and deal with us yet, then likely they have their reasons."

Leafiara honestly admits, "The Landing does not have the best of reputations in some of the more close-minded areas of the Empire, after all. There is no sense in glossing over that."

Lylia nods in agreement.

Leafiara concludes, "I do think we should work more on sea trade, as many of our citizens have brought up before, and I'll certainly look to our Town Council for proposals and ideas--as well as our citizens."

You turn to face Lylia.

Lylia nods to you.

Speaking to Lylia, you say, "Same question to you."

Lylia asks, "The same question, I presume?"

Lylia nods once.

Lylia says, "My opponent spoke of our 'few resources' in her opening response. That is one thing I would like to change."

Lylia says, "We are always going to be poor in some resources, yes -- but we have the capacity to be rich beyond measure in other ways."

(Lylia taps a finger against her other palm to emphasize her words.)

Lylia says, "Soft power."

Lylia says, "Economic power is part of that. We cannot open closed minds, but we can open closed ports -- and closed coin-purses."

Lylia bluntly says, "Yes, I favor trade with Imperial territories."

Lylia asks, "Why would I not?"

Lylia raises an eyebrow.

Lylia turns around.

Lylia smiles at the crowd.

Lylia says, "My family are traders, or at least some of them are. It is something I understand well. And thanks to some of my own actions, I believe we could secure more than equitable trade agreements with Hendor."

Lylia asks, "How many Hendoran soldiers returned home because they were brought back?"

Lylia looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Lylia says, "I do not believe the Empire should make up the whole of our trade, however."

Lylia firmly says, "I have larger plans."

(Deavon peruses her notes in her journal.)

Deavon to Lylia: Influences from a MHO and Relations with Icemule

You say, "This next questions is for Lylia..."

You ask, "Lylia, belonging to an MHO based in Icemule Trace, what influence might that have on being Mayor of Landing? Would you like to see both towns have a more involved relationship? Would that be something you would pursue if elected Mayor?"

Lylia chuckles.

Lylia says, "There must be a misunderstanding. I do not belong to any organization in Icemule Trace, although I am a part of many organizations locally."

Lylia says, "But I do believe in having a closer relationship with our northern neighbors. I have even traveled there on diplomatic missions for our current Mayor."

Lylia quips, "'Cold hands, warm heart,' it is said. I would be happy to extend a hand in friendship to Icemule Trace."

You say, "To reframe that for you, Leafiara, perhaps you could respond to “Would you like to see both the Landing and Icemule Trace have a more involved relationship? Would that be something you would pursue if elected Mayor?"."

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara amicably says, "It certainly would. The Mayor appointed me his ambassador to Icemule near the start of his term and we've been seeing some movement forward with the relationship between us."

Leafiara continues, "Maylan, who is one of Crux's advisors, and Jalodg, who represents ICICLE, have begun a project to open a greenhouse along the Icemule Trail for safer travel between our two towns."

Leafiara notes, "It is only in planning stages, as these things take consideration and effort..."

Lylia nods.

Leafiara decisively says, "But I hope it can be the first of many fine examples of what we can accomplish together."

Leafiara adds, "I'd also like to look into exchanging more baked goods between our towns."

Leafiara says, "Icemule is well known for its tarts, of course..."

Leafiara notes, "And a certain pie shop in our park has attracted great attention very quickly and is unilke anything sold there."

Leafiara concludes, "We have room to grow--in more ways than anyone has yet thought of."

(Deavon lets a finger softly run along the parchment page as she searches for the next question.)

You say, "A few short questions coming up... perhaps not with short answers."

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Leafiara grins at you.

Lylia smiles at you.

You turn to face Leafiara.

Leafiara lightly says, "Short answers are not always the best, in any case."

Deavon to Leafiara: Aid from the Empire or Baronies

Leafiara nods to you.

You say, "Back to you to field again..."

You ask, "Would you be against aid from the Empire or any Baronies?"

Leafiara simply says, "Ah, but this one -is- a short answer... and nearly the same as my answer about trade."

Leafiara states, "I am not against aid, whether financial or military, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of our independence."

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Leafiara frankly says, "I could go on, but--truly, it would probably only be posturing if I did. That's the simple heart of it."

You turn to face Lylia.

You ask, "Lylia?"

Lylia flatly says, "Aid comes at a cost."

Lylia says, "I have worked hard to put us ahead in the balance-books where I could. I would need to weigh necessity versus expense."

Lylia says, "I would not be against aid -- but I would not accept it without due research into its price."

Lylia says, "I would expect the same in exchange."

Leafiara agrees, "Every offer needs its own consideration."

Leafiara nods.

Lylia replies, "And a firm decision at the end of those deliberations."

Leafiara nods.

Leafiara simply says, "Indeed."

Deavon to Lylia: Position on the Rooks

You say, "Another short question... but I suspect not a simple answer."

You turn to face Lylia.

Leafiara folds her hands.

Lylia nods to you.

You ask, "What is your position on the Rooks?"

Lylia thoughtfully taps a finger against her lips.

Lylia says, "We treat the Rooks as a symptom to be cured or managed. We do not, however, look at why the Rooks exist."

Lylia says, "Yes, this is a complex answer, because the Rooks are a complex question. There is no one reason why a citizen of our town joins them."

Lylia says, "To deal with the rooks would require deeper knowledge of why they are."

Leafiara folds her arms, appearing to listen intently. She nods from time to time.

Lylia says, "Not simply who they are or what they do -- but why."

Lylia says, "The laws of our town remain the laws. Rooks break them. It seems self-evident, then, that we treat those we apprehend as law-breakers. But not all punishments are equal."

Lylia says, "To throw them in jail, to seek only punitive measures, is a waste."

Lylia says, "It lacks..."

(Lylia waves her hand in the air as if searching for the right word.)

Lylia says, "...poetry."

Lylia says, "I believe we can do better by the Rooks. And in doing so, we do better for the town."

You smile at Leafiara.

Speaking to Leafiara, you say, "Your turn."

Leafiara lightly inquires, "The same question, I take it?"

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara begins, "I'm in agreement that we need to understand why our citizens continue joining the Rooks--whether it's because they feel there is no place for them as workers in our town, or no place as militia, no place as clerks in this hall, or any other reason."

Leafiara mentions, "Mayor Puptilian started a policy, and Mayor Cruxophim continued it, that a Rook could step forward, admit to wrongdoings, and serve a year in the militia to receive a lighter sentence--in fact, if I remember, a full pardon."

Leafiara continues, "I asked our militia captains what they thought of the policy and they said they don't oppose it--but neither has anyone ever taken the offer."

Leafiara speculatively says, "I imagine that the Rooks believe there are things they simply can't accomplish while working within the law--which I find unfortunate."

Lylia clears her throat.

Leafiara frankly says, "But that's only a guess, so I will say it openly--if elected I would like to approach the Rooks, or would offer them to approach me, and however many or few of them would like to explain their positions can. I will hear them."

Leafiara reminds, "Not all of them are murderers and we can't consider them all one."

Leafiara concludes, "I would have a position on each Rook individually as they stepped forward or we took them into custody--same as with any citizen in any of our groups."

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

You say, "Lylia has a rebuttal question."

Lylia nods.

Leafiara nods once.

Lylia says, "Just a brief one."

Lylia asks, "When you say that no Rooks took the offer, Leafiara, are you counting the ones who were executed for accepting it?"

Lylia stares pointedly at Leafiara waiting for an answer.

Leafiara raises an eyebrow in Lylia's direction.

Leafiara says, "If there were Rooks who took the offer, then they might not have gotten as far as approaching the militia captains--since they were the ones who told me it wasn't accepted."

Lylia smoothly says, "We shall have to clarify, then, if the intent to accept the offer is enough."

Lylia inclines her head.

Leafiara says, "If they simply said they would take the offer and then were executed, then that's a claim and not moving foward."

Lylia says, "Ah, yes, very precise words in this case. True."

Lylia smiles.

Lylia says, "Forgive me, Dame Deavon, for interrupting the flow of the questions."

Lylia inclines her head.

Leafiara nods once.

You say, "Quite all right, makes the pace interesting."

Lylia notes, "If anyone up there had fallen asleep, they are awake now."

You say, "Here's something light..."

You chuckle.

Lylia smiles at you.

You turn to face Leafiara.

Deavon to Leafiara: Why You Chose to Live in the Landing

You ask, "Why do you choose to live in the Landing?"

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara lightly says, "The answer is so much of what I've said throughout the night--our independence, the freedom to walk the paths that we see fit, our acceptance of those paths."

Leafiara acknowledges, "We're a town of chaos. We fight and debate and bicker a lot--but we are stronger for it. Iron sharpens iron."

Leafiara decisively says, "This is the home I hoped for, without knowing it until I moved here and lived it for myself. This is the Landing, where we aren't bound by rigid laws from centuries or millennia ago, as in the Empire or the Elven Nations."

Leafiara concludes, "A place of freedom, flourishing, and self-discovery. I could not live better elsewhere."

You turn to face Lylia.

Lylia says, "My opponent speaks the truth -- independence and freedom are a boon to us all."

Lylia smiles.

Leafiara nods once.

Lylia says, "I appreciate the freedom the Landing affords its people. That has been true for decades, and I am gratified to know that if either of us should become mayor, it is an ideal we both hold."

Leafiara gives Lylia a strong, encouraging smile.

Lylia continues, "There is chaos here, yes, but also order. That is what I hope to bring to the office."

Lylia clarifies, "Not orders, but order."

Lylia chuckles.

Lylia simply says, "And besides, I have friends here."

Lylia smiles.

Leafiara grins at Lylia.

Deavon to Lylia: Difference Between Previous Campaigns

You say, "Last of the submitted questions..."

You say, "Lylia... you first..."

Lylia nods.

You ask, "You've both run unsuccessful campaigns in the past. What are you doing differently this time?"

Lylia raises her voice in merry laughter.

You chuckle to yourself.

Leafiara grins crookedly.

Lylia says, "I am so glad you did not use the 'L-word.'."

Placing her hand over her heart, Lylia sighs dramatically.

Lylia says, "But in answer to your question, I know where I erred before. My signs had no words. My presence was largely silent."

Lylia admits, "Yet I am anything but a silent woman."

Lylia says, "This time, all may hear my voice. Words have the power to move worlds, and last time, I cast away my strongest lever."

Lylia looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Lylia says, "I have not made that mistake again."

You turn to face Leafiara.

You say, "You're up."

You grin at Leafiara.

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara smiles at you.

Leafiara confesses, "Like Lady Lylia, I know now that I didn't make myself visible enough in my previous campaign."

Lylia gazes with interest at Leafiara.

Leafiara continues, "With the great interest from organizations around our town, many of which I've personally approached with ideas to get involved this campaign season, that's a cornerstone difference in my campaign this time around."

Leafiara mentions, "The other big difference in my campaigns is about policy. I still believe and will still push for my goals from last year's campaign, but in addition I've been campaigning on the platform that I'd like to hear more from our people who tend to keep earlier hours."

Speaking to you, Leafiara adds, "And to that end, I do thank you for hosting at this hour of day, by the way."

Leafiara grins at you.

Audience Questions

You say, "As we've now reached the end of our submitted questions, we'll take three questions more from the audience, please make them clear and concise. Come down here and line up, I'll recognize you in order."

Leafiara assures, "I mean it when I say I'd like to hear from all of our people... no matter their walk, and also no matter their hours."

Leafiara nods to you.

Salwarry just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Salwarry to Both: A Letter from a Sister and Partnership with the Empire

You nod at Salwarry.

Salwarry bows.

Salwarry says, "Before my question I would like to read a letter from my sister."

Speaking to Salwarry, you say, "Introduce yourself, please, and proceed."

Salwarry says, "Who is being held without charges by your friends, the imperials."

Salwarry says, "For over a year now."

You say, "Is this a short letter."

Leafiara furrows her brow.

(Salwarry removes a folded paarchment from his longcoat.)

Salwarry says, "Yes."

You nod at Salwarry.

Lylia nods sympathetically.

You say, "Proceed."

You smile at Salwarry.

Salwarry says, "Dear brother, I hope all is well."

Salwarry says, "Last evening I cradled in my arms a crying half-elven woman who had recently given birth to a child. I asked her why she was crying, she feebly lifted her arm and pointed to another young halfling woman who was nursing a child. "I have eaten so little that I am no longer able to produce for my son." she answered. It was then that I realized that it was her child that the halfling woman was feeding. It was all I could do to not show any weakness by shedding a tear."

Leafiara frowns.

Salwarry says, "This is but one of many stories I could tell you brother, this madness must end. My people will never have a home or a welcome place among society until this scourge is wiped clean. The courts are rife with this sickness, one could spend their entire life filing grievances and that time would be spent in vain."

Salwarry says, "I must hasten my words now brother, as the warmth of the sun is starting to be blocked by the stone walls that separate me from my kin. I ask that you make this letter be known to the public once you have received it. Shortly there after, I ask that you request to be seen before the courts in Vornavis and make demands for my immediate release. I do not expect any action upon your demand but one last verbal plea must be made before turning to a more dire approach."

Salwarry says, "Your loving sister, Bluethorn."

Salwarry grits his teeth.

(Salwarry folds up the letter and carefuly places it back in his longcoat.)

Leafiara slowly empties her lungs.

Salwarry asks, "To do nothing will cause lives, does this change your stand to trade and partner with the imperials?"

Lylia quietly says, "I am sorry for your sister's grievous troubles. I was recently apprehended myself, in Ta'Illistim, for 'crimes' that are no crime in our fair town."

Lylia says, "Action will also cost lives. Her life matters more to you than others'."

Lylia takes a deep breath, blinking a couple of times before resuming a calm expression.

Lylia says, "But a mayor must weigh all of this -- and sometimes, a mayor can do nothing at all."

Salwarry says, "It is not only her life."

Salwarry says, "As the letter plainly indicates."

Lylia counters, "And not something the mayor of the Landing can repair."

Salwarry says, "But I will leave you to your answers."

Salwarry bows.

Salwarry nods.

Lylia says, "We have imprisoned and even burned Imperial citizens here. This is the hard cost."

Lylia says, "And the reason that soft power matters."

(Salwarry excuses himself.)

Salwarry just climbed up a narrow stairway.

(Lylia opens her mouth to continue, then closes it and looks toward the stairway.)

Leafiara softly says, "It is worth answering even if he wishes to hear from up there."

Lylia says, "Quite so."

Lylia says, "Yes. I am finished, for anything else I would say to him would need to be discussed privately. I cannot help the woman or others like her with policies alone."

Lylia says, "Every case is unique."

Lylia nods once.

Leafiara sympathetically agrees, "First let me say there's no denying that half-elves among other races are troubled in many parts of the Empire. It's part of the reason that our town is a beacon of hope to many of the oppressed."

Leafiara says, "But we cannot cut off all trade opportunities because of one misguided law, nor several of them."

Leafiara concludes, "Diplomacy, discussion, and above all demonstrating that our way works, that our way is better--these are our options to bring change in the Empire."

Enestrie to Both: First Order of Business

Speaking to Enestrie, you ask, "Have you a question for the candidates?"

You grin at Enestrie.

Leafiara gives Enestrie a strong, encouraging smile.

Enestrie says, "I er, was going up the stairs... but since you asked."

Enestrie giggles.

Lylia chuckles.

You chuckle.

Leafiara tilts her head toward Enestrie, examining her intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly.

Enestrie asks, "For both of you, I would like to know what would be your very first order of business once you become Mayor?"

Enestrie smiles at Leafiara.

Enestrie smiles at Lylia.

Leafiara nods understandingly.

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Leafiara begins, "To establish weekly town meetings with our people on the Day of the Huntress."

Enestrie nods.

Leafiara continues, "I expect that many of the intricacies of the office can't be understood immediately--no doubt there's information about our finances or security that I'm not privy to now, and until I see it I can't know what I would do to move our town forward."

Enestrie adopts an agreeable expression.

Leafiara decisively says, "But I can say I believe that a mayor's duty, no matter the exact details, should always involve hearing the people's concerns. So I can promise that much now."

Enestrie adopts an agreeable expression.

Enestrie says, "Thank you Leafieara."

Leafiara amicably says, "A pleasure."

Enestrie smiles.

Speaking to Lylia, you ask, "Your answer to Enestrie?"

Enestrie smiles at Lylia.

Speaking to Enestrie, Lylia quips, "Short answer? A nap."

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Enestrie laughs!

Leafiara starts chortling.

You chuckle.

Enestrie adopts an agreeable expression.

Enestrie says, "Thank you, Lylia."

Enestrie smiles at Lylia.

Enestrie clasps her hands in a reverent gesture.

Lylia says, "The longer version is more serious. We must find 'Rone.'."

Enestrie nods at Lylia.

Lylia says, "It is my primary order of business, should I be elected."

Enestrie adopts an agreeable expression.

Lylia says, "Presuming he is not caught before then."

Sabotage to Both: Greatest Threat to the Landing

You turn to face Sabotage.

You say, "And Lylia will answer your question first."

You nod at Sabotage.

Lylia inclines her head.

Sabotage asks, "I was late in arriving and this may have been asked and answered but what do you see as the greatest threat currently to the Landing?"

Leafiara smiles at Sabotage.

Lylia says, "In one word: Powerlessness."

Lylia says, "Our defenses cannot hold against a concerted attack."

Lylia says, "Our strength lies in not being a viable target to attack in the first place. It is our fortress. It is our safety."

Lylia says, "When people send their children here for an education, come here to explore arts they cannot learn about at home, visit our shops, listen to our bards -- we become unassailable."

Lylia says, "With soft power, we use others' armies to defend us."

Lylia smiles.

Lylia says, "So. Our greatest concern is shoring up this power, I believe."

You turn to face Leafiara.

You ask, "Leafiara?"

Leafiara nods to you.

Leafiara says, "It's a question that's brought up often, with many different reasonable answers."

Leafiara says, "This might tie in to an earlier question about the Rooks... but I think it's a lack of information about what our enemies are plotting."

Leafiara says, "For example, we have a strong militia, but we're often blindsided by invading enemies--unless, of course, the Rooks were able to warn us about a plot beforehand."

Leafiara continues, "Or Rodnay, Prelate Lheren, or another ally."

Leafiara says, "In short, we need to improve our intel."

Leafiara concludes, "There's very little that we can't accomplish if we know what we're dealing with--so getting that knowledge has to be our first step. We need to work on it."

Sabotage says, "Thank you for your time."

You say, "Is there one more question from above? And, I don't mean the Arkati..."

Lylia says, "Knowledge is power."

Leafiara nods at Lylia.

Lylia bows to Sabotage.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Evia yell, "The current Mayor should ask a question!"

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Cruxophim yell, "Sure!"

You say, "We'd like to wrap this up in a few minutes, then you can mix and mingle..."

Leafiara lightly says, "As long as he has one."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Cruxophim gives Lylia a strong, encouraging smile.

Cruxophim gives Leafiara a strong, encouraging smile.

You grin at Cruxophim.

Leafiara grins at Cruxophim.

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

You kiss Cruxophim on the cheek.

Cruxophim to Both: Feelings on Flax

Cruxophim calmly begins, "So... flax. How do we feel about it?"

You laugh out loud!

Leafiara laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Lylia chuckles.

Cruxophim nonchalantly adds, "And other...horticultural endeavors?"

Cruxophim flashes a toothy grin.

You belt out, "Evia!"

Leafiara starts chortling.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Evia yell, "Agri-biz!"

Cruxophim nods approvingly to a narrow stairway.

Lylia chuckles.

You nod at Leafiara.

You say, "Take a crack at it."

Cruxophim amicably inquires, "Thoughts? It's a vague question, feel free to supply a vague answer?"

Cruxophim flashes a wide grin.

You chuckle at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim folds his hands behind his back.

Leafiara lightly says, "All of Dame Evia's efforts are appreciated and I would use her research to develop our flax production and business as much as the Town Council and our merchants will agree to."

Cruxophim turns an inquisitive ear toward Leafiara.

Speaking affably to Leafiara, Cruxophim notes, "Ahhh, very good. But... just the flax, ma'am? Or other endeavors as well?"

Leafiara decisively says, "Self-reliance--I said this at the informal discussion two nights ago too, but as much as possible I'd love for the Landing to be self-reliant."

Cruxophim nods approvingly at Leafiara.

Cruxophim proudly notes, "Very good answer."

Cruxophim flashes a quick grin.

Speaking simply to Cruxophim, Leafiara says, "Other endeavors as well. Any business venture we can do on our own that would fill our coffers."

Leafiara nods at Cruxophim.

Leafiara grins.

Cruxophim brightly notes, "Even better."

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Evia yell, "The peoples coffers!"

Leafiara adds, "Legal business ventures, that is."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

(Leafiara nods in the direction of the viewing area.)

Speaking gently to Leafiara, Cruxophim teases, "We'll work on that."

Cruxophim snickers.

Leafiara smiles at Cruxophim.

You turn to face Lylia.

You grin at Lylia.

Lylia grins.

You ask, "Wrap it up with your reply?"

Cruxophim grins at Lylia.

Lylia says, "Those of you who joined us the other night in the park know my opinions on the burning question of flax."

Lylia continues, "We may make our jests about it, but wrapped in these layers of linen is a serious question -- how do we build lasting prosperity? Flax is a fine place to start."

Speaking regretfully to Lylia, Cruxophim laments, "I was in an important meeting, alas."

Lylia says, "We have an authority on the subject already."

Leafiara nods firmly at Lylia.

Cruxophim folds his arms, appearing to listen intently. He nods from time to time.

(Lylia nods in Evia's direction.)

Speaking amusedly to Lylia, Cruxophim agrees, "We certainly do. Evia is to flax as I am to blood."

Cruxophim snickers.

Cruxophim politely corrects, "Dame Evia."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin at Cruxophim.

Lylia says, "As I said then, we waste too much of our efforts shipping out goods without processing them. Without adding value to them."

Lylia asks, "We can grow flax, but why stop there?"

Lylia raises an eyebrow.

Cruxophim nods approvingly at Lylia.

Lylia says, "Grow flax and weave linen. Press paper. Bind books. Sell stationery."

Speaking fondly to Lylia, Cruxophim notes, "Also very good answer. Books, even! Will wonders never cease!"

Lylia says, "So yes to flax -- but yes to what more flax can bring us."


You say, "We thank our candidates, Lylia Rashere and Leafiara Autumnwind, for being generous with their time tonight, and answering our questions. We also thank Mayor Cruxophim for the use of the Moot Hall, Chambers of Justice, and the Order of the Silver Gryphon for hosting this debate, as well as coming up with the pre-submitted questions for the forum."

Speaking thoughtfully to Lylia, Cruxophim marvels, "Is there nothing flax cannot do?"

Cruxophim gives you a strong, encouraging smile.

Cruxophim turns to you and bows low, spreading his wings for all to see.

You exclaim, "Mix and mingle at will!"

Speaking politely to you, Leafiara says, "Thank you for hosting, Dame Deavon --and the Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Lylia says, "Thank you, Dame Deavon, and thank you to the Silver Gryphons."

You say, "Our pleasure."