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Skull rings are used to lock unscripted containers, bypassing Lock Mastery, and can be found on the Return to Black Swan Castle Prize List as a sapphire-eyed golden skull ring.

  • WEAR the ring to attune it to yourself for a minimum of 30 days - it can be reset after 30 days.
  • A different character can RAISE the ring to attune to themselves after 30 days have passed.
  • Does not work on containers with existing scripts.
  • Locking/unlocking a container 10 times will cause it to not lock/unlock again for ten minutes.
  • Casting Elemental Detection (405) at the ring will reveal who the ring is attuned to and when it was last attuned.
You gesture at a sapphire-eyed golden skull ring.
The eyes on the golden skull ring glaze over and a black aura swirls around you. A ghostly voice wails, "The ring is not currently attuned to anyone. It was last attuned on Niiman, day 2 of the month Jastatos, in the year 5114 at roughly 02:39 by the elven time standard." The black aura fades away and the silver skull ring returns to normal.


You analyze your golden skull ring and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This is a skull ring. It can be altered, but must remain a "skull ring" in the description. Part of the SHOW/LOOK description is static. It currently isn't attuned.

You get no sense of whether or not the ring may be further lightened.

Verb Traps

look You glance at your ring. The face on the ring appears stoic and determined, like a guardian on perpetual watch. Two large, glimmering sapphire eyes stare out at you, almost accusingly. The silver skull ring is surrounded by an ethereal haze. Peering within the swirling shadows, you see a pair of ghostly hands and other less identifiable objects.
wear (attunes to a character) You slide the ring onto your finger, which pulses rhythmically for a moment.
wave (attunes to a container) You wave your ring at the rolaren case and a ghostly hand snakes out and caresses the surface.
point (clears container attunement) You point your ring at a thigh-strapped slim rolaren case and a ghostly hand snakes out and dismisses the case with a casual flick.
turn (locks container) A ghostly hand snakes from your ring and closes, then points mystically at your case. From within you hear a grating *click*.
turn (unlocks container) A ghostly hand snakes from your ring and points mystically at your rolaren case and you hear a grating *click* from within as it unlocks. The hand then pulls the flap open none too gently.
turn (limit reached) The golden skull ring begins to pulse rapidly as if attempting to get your attention, and suddenly the ghostly hands stretch out and grasp you by the ears, and pull your ear close to it. "I'm taking ten, so you are on your own, bub!

A pair of ghostly hands appears for a moment, and then disappears. A howling wail mutters, "I'm on break! I dun care about your stupid snotrag, or toothpick of ultimate doom, or cloak colored vividly black and painted with sigils of doom and destruction! You are going to have to wait!

Enhancive Properties

Skull rings from the Black Swan Castle prize list are enhancive, but not all skull rings are enhancive.

The ring resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
It provides a bonus of 6 to Perception Bonus.
The ring looks to have quite a few charges remaining.
You sense that the silver skull ring will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.