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Slaughterhouse is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in an odd-smelling crooked white shop in Western Harbor.

[The Slaughterhouse]
Cracked and peeling paint decorate the walls of the small shop, their curled ends littering the rough floor amid a layer of scattered sawdust. One long counter stretches across the room, easily dividing the shopping space from the work area. Implements of the butchering trade, such as razor strops, black iron rib cutters, and knives, dangle from black iron hooks, which stand over sanguine filled buckets.


  Product List
  1. some tiny cubes of juicy beef      6. several cubes of raw pork
  2. a slab of juicy raw beef           7. a fat and bone-riddled rib
  3. a plump boar flank steak           8. a rack of juicy baby caribou
  4. a tenderized flank steak           9. a hearty slab of minotaur
  5. some cubes of tiny squirrel meat