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Slipper Shop is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located up the stairs on Abalone Street, just west of the florist, and just above The Cobbler's Shop. The seamstress Tynira Teazle is the proprietor and slipper maker.

[The Slipper Shop]
Occupying a single small room, large glaes-paned windows allow moonlight to flood in, setting off the gem-like highlights of the fine fabrics of this tiny shop's inventory. You also see the seamstress Tynira Teazle and a wooden sign.


Welcome to The Slipper Shop!

The seamstress Tynira Teazle offers her catalog to browse.
Tynira exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a pair of amethyst silk slippers     7. a pair of azure brocade slippers
  2. a pair of black silk slippers        8. a pair of crimson brocade slippers
  3. a pair of emerald silk slippers      9. a pair of emerald brocade slippers
  4. a pair of saffron silk slippers      10. a pair of orange brocade slippers
  5. a pair of vermilion silk slippers    11. a pair of violet brocade slippers
  6. a pair of opalescent silk slippers   12. a pair of yellow brocade slippers

Tynira Teazle

Slim as a willow and just as graceful, Tynira is dressed with simple elegance, showing off her incredible talent with a needle.  Her dress is a stunning sapphire blue shantung silk, cut to hug her torso then falling to the floor in a spill of brilliant color.  The dress is hemmed with tiny, precise stitches, Tynira's trademark.  Her hair is swept back in a simple chignon, both practical and beautiful.

Tynira smooths her dress over her legs as she seats herself on a stool behind the counter, with her characteristic embroidery on her lap.

With an ever-enduring smile, Tynira explains wearily to a delivery boy that this is not the correct shade of green, and that she ordered sea-foam green, not pale avocado.

Tynira stares out the window for a few moments, uncharacteristically still instead of her usual busy self. Suddenly she notices you observing her and applies herself to her work with renewed vigor, seemingly embarrassed at being caught wool-gathering.