Small totem head

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A small totem head is rare treasure system drops that aid with swimming. It was introduced in March 2019.

The head contains one charge of Niima's Mercy, and is activated by the RAISE verb. The head provides 4 hours of underwater breathing ability. The loresong, however, does not identify it as such. There are only two verses for it:

1st: The first thing that strikes you about the head is the weight, which is about 2 pounds. In your best estimation, it's worth about 1,700 silvers.

2nd: You sense a faint aura of magic surrounding the head. From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the head is as a decorative one, perhaps. You are not sure exactly.


A soft, twinkling blue light escapes the totem head and surrounds your chest before sinking into it.
Your totem head screams violently before dissolving away.
Twinkling soft blue light circles around Polveiss before sinking into his chest.
Polveiss's totem head lets out a screams before dissolving away.
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