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A smuggling sack lets you safely and covertly pass an item to a comrade.


You analyze your burlap sack and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This burlap sack has been designed to let you smuggle ONE item inside the sack to one other designated player.
The burlap sack is currently locked.
If you were to fiddle with a frayed burlap sack, you'd find you can WHISPER to it and COVER it.

Whisper a single person's name (correctly spelled and no quotes, please) whom you want to be able to find the sack later.

Example: whisper sack Keios
Currently, the sack is attuned to Chewie.

Once a recipient has been chosen, close and then cover the sack to hide it in a room.
You or your designated recipient will then get four hours to retrieve the sack by SEARCHing the room it was hidden in.

WARNING!  Failure to retrieve the sack within the four hours can result in it being permanently deleted!
While it is hidden during those four hours, no other player except for yourself and your designated target will be able to search for the sack, and it will be safe from the janitor.

Verb Traps

Locked WHISPER You softly whisper a single name to your sack, the name "Chewie" resonating against the woven cloth.


XXX briefly presses a frayed burlap sack to his lips. Praying for good fortune, perhaps?
COVER You look around briefly for a place to hide your burlap sack, one that only you or Chewie could possibly find.

Finding one, you quickly stuff the burlap sack out of sight, making sure that it is well hidden.

XXX meanders casually around the area. Apparently finished with his inspection, he nods with a satisfied expression.
SEARCH Canvassing the area carefully, you discover a frayed burlap sack! You quickly snatch it up before anybody else notices it. XXX searches around for a moment, retrieving a frayed burlap sack that you didn't notice previously.


  • A hidden smuggling sack can only be found by the character that hid it or the attuned character.
  • Whispering a name does not autocomplete it, and does not warn you if a name does not exist.
  • If you are hiding a sack for a character, put them in your highlights and double-check the spelling!

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