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An aardvark, also known as Snuffy, is the town aardvark of River's Rest.

The Aardvark of the Rest

Snuffy spends most of his time wandering throughout the town. His home was unveiled as part of a golden pickle request.

He played a role in discovering the one-eared rabbit’s location after the payment of the ransom, and received a medal as well.

It should also be noted that although the aardvark can be lauded as a town hero for his role in the rabbit rescue, he is not always treated as such. As an example, there was an attempt made to trade the aardvark to mongrel kobolds for the safe return of the Winterberry Ale that was stolen during a town invasion. This invasion is referenced in The Kobold Song.


The aardvark has long, donkey-like ears on a thin, elongated head.  Its long snout ends in a small, tubular mouth from which a remarkable eighteen-inch, sticky, purple tongue periodically shoots out in pursuit of ants.  Its small, clever eyes roam the area in a constant search for unwary ants.  Hung around the aardvark's neck is a rolled leather collar with a shiny gold medallion affixed to it.

Idle Scripts

  • The aardvark idly flicks its long, purple tongue about, hoping to snag some unlucky ant.
  • The aardvark waddles about the area, oblivious of anything larger than an ant.
  • The aardvark surveys the area, alert for succulent ants.
  • The aardvark rolls over on its back and wriggles around, trying to scratch an itch.
  • The aardvark narrows its beady eyes. With an irritated snort it glares at you. It flicks its tongue in your direction! Disappointed to discover you are not a very large ant, the aardvark turns away.
  • The aardvark cocks one ear and glances at you without interest.
  • Spying an unwary ant, the aardvark turns its head slightly. With startling speed its long, purple tongue shoots out, seizing the succulent ant and sucking the insect into its tiny mouth.
  • The aardvark accidentally snorfles up a fire ant. It blinks, shakes its tiny head, then sneezes powerfully.

Citizenship Perks

Citizens of River's Rest can interact with the aardvark.


The aardvark flinches slightly as you reach out and slide a hand gently across its bristly flank.  It flicks out its long, purple tongue, touching you on the wrist, as if checking to be certain you aren't a freakishly large and smelly ant.

Hug while kneeling:

You enfold your arms around the aardvark.  The creature responds with a sort of skittish patience, enduring the hug more than enjoying it.  The moment you release the aardvark, it quickly waddles away, looking warily over its shoulder at you.

Kiss while kneeling (You must have empty hands):

You reach out slowly and seize both the aardvark's ears.  Leaning forward you give the aardvark a quick buss on its tubular snout.
You jerk away quickly with the taste of unwashed aardvark fur on you lips.

Nudge while kneeling:

You lean over against the aardvark, nudging it slightly.  With cool disdain, the aardvark looks down its long, tubular snout at you and turns away.  Using its powerful hind legs, the aardvark flicks dirt at you and waddles away.

cuddle while kneeling or sitting:

You gradually entice the aardvark to come to you.  It nervously submits to a brief cuddle, its ears laid back along its narrow skull.  Then it quickly jerks itself away from you and resumes its search for ants.

snuggle while kneeling or sitting:

You arrange yourself in such a way as to make a hollow in your body.  The aardvark slowly edges closer, and guardedly leans against you.  You feel the aardvark relax slightly, and its mule-like ears slacken somewhat.  But then the aardvark spots a particularly juicy ant!  It pushes away from you and lopes after the insect.


You slowly reach forward and gently tickle the aardvark's flank, causing its hind leg to twitch spasmodically.  With a wild flopping of its ears, the aardvark skips sideways away from you.