Soles of Discretion

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Lich #24452

Soles of Discretion is the cobbling shop in Icemule Trace. It is located in Ancient Burrow east of the Nexus.

[Soles of Discretion]
Carved from natural stone, the shop is dimly lit by a row of white ora candelabra. A polished pine shelf is fastened to the wall above a round blue table with iron brackets. An aged halfling woman stands behind a long wooden counter in the center of the shop.


  1. some gold-cupped rubies             8. some frosted glass snowflakes
  2. a set of gold brocade ribbons       9. some spun glass pearl settings
  3. some chiffon frills                 10. a patch of spotted leopard fur
  4. a spray of cockatrice feathers      11. some narwhal hide
  5. a pair of electrum plates           12. some petrified elm knots
  6. a pair of infinity knot plates      13. a pair of balenite plates
  7. some carmine winterberry settings   14. some ruffled lace

  Backroom Catalog

East Room

[Soles of Discretion]
Bits of leather and other assorted materials are scattered across the floor. Tools are stacked on top of boxes of goods against the walls of the shop. Hanging from the ceiling is a single torch, offering some light to the wares on display in a row of shelves. Positioned against the side of one of the shelves is a rhimar-bound chest, which appears to be locked tight.
  1. an albino viper skin                 10. some silver mesh
  2. some stitched zombie skin            11. a bolt of floral jacquard
  3. a green goblin skin                  12. some smooth doeskin
  4. a bolt of scallop-weave brocatelle   13. a bolt of moire silk
  5. some faviform brocade                14. some looped silk
  6. some pebbled leather                 15. a bolt of striped chambray
  7. some punched leather                 16. a bolt of embroidered velvet
  8. a bolt of cross-checkered linen      17. a bolt of soft velvet
  9. a bolt of leaf-patterned damask     

West Room

[Soles of Discretion]
The walls of this end of the shop are completely covered with assorted dyes. Several rows of vials for purchase are on display in a series of open cases. A mop and a broom lean precariously against a low wooden crate, a small bucket of dye sitting behind it.
  1. a vial of cardinal red dye   11. a vial of rainbow-flecked dye
  2. a vial of honey-hued dye     12. a vial of marbled mocha dye
  3. a vial of matte gold dye     13. a vial of poppy red dye
  4. a vial of hunter green dye   14. a vial of turquoise dye
  5. a vial of pitch black dye    15. a vial of jade green dye
  6. a vial of coffee-hued dye    16. a vial of twig brown dye
  7. a vial of dark sienna dye    17. a vial of terra cotta dye
  8. a vial of caramel dye        18. a vial of azure dye
  9. a vial of stone grey dye     19. a vial of snowy white dye
  10. a vial of periwinkle dye    20. a vial of winter white dye