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Solhaven is a free port city located south of Wehnimer's Landing within the Turamzzyrian Empire's Vornavis province. Within the city you will find sailors, smugglers, and other merchants that benefit from the large harbor of the town. The city is primarily run by the Mercantylers' Guild with some guidance and support from Vornavis, usually durring major invasions.


Solhaven has been reputedly destroyed three times by a mysterious cause. Stories say it was the kraken that used to breed in the Solhaven Bay.

Solhaven has been invaded repeatedly in recent times, including by Jantalarian forces, V'tullian forces, and Sheruvian forces. Twice, durring the Griffin Sword Saga, Solhaven was renamed to Nighthaven by the Sheruvian High Priest, Draezir.

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