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Solhaven map by Mourne

Solhaven is a district within the Turamzzyrian city of Vornavis, the eponymous seat of the Barony of Vornavis. Solhaven was established some time during the 46th century along the Vornavian coast. In 5098, Baron Malwind opened a public trade route between Solhaven and Wehnimer's La.nding, though rumor has it that smugglers had blazed the trail long beforehand. As a port, the district's population is dominated by merchants, sailors, and local ruffians that long benefited from its status as an Imperial free port. The foremost civilian power is the Mercantylers' Guild, but religious sects and the Empire both have considerable cachet, especially after the city was stripped of its free port status after the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles in 5103. Solhaven was placed under the control of the Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and has since undergone a succession of leaders.


Solhaven has been reputedly destroyed three times by a mysterious cause. Stories say it was the kraken that used to breed in the Solhaven Bay.

Solhaven has been invaded repeatedly in recent times, including by Jantalarian forces, V'tullian forces, and Sheruvian forces. Twice, during the Griffin Sword Saga, Solhaven was renamed to Nighthaven by the Sheruvian High Priest, Draezir.

In 5109, Solhaven was destroyed by a tidal wave. With the help of members of the Hall of Mages and local refugees, the city was re-created from the memories of the locals, but the end result was a bit changed.

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