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Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 9845
Author: SEREH
Date: 6/18/2008 8:58:22 PM
Subject: South Haven House?

I was wandering in South Haven this afternnon and I saw this:

[Solhaven, The Crooked Way]
A large house, with its sharply-sloped roof and arched windows, breaks the monotonous construction of the other tightly-packed buildings directly north. The heavily blackened timbers, viciously warped wooden beams and shattered glass bespeak of some sort of cataclysmic damage to the structure, and its doors are barred with rusted slabs of iron. A strange silence pervades the area, broken only by the wind whistling sharply through the winding alleyway. You also see a small black wardstone.
Obvious paths: southeast, southwest

I looked at the house:
The blackened house barely looks as if it could stand, but it's here all the same. A dark parchment has been affixed to its barred doors.

I read the parchment:
In the Common language, it reads:
"By order of the Guild, this place and the foul magic that caused such catastrophic destruction is henceforth banned from this area as of Fashanos 15th, 5098."

Who knows the history? I've been all over the place and never noticed or heard of this house - completely missed it.


Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 9848
Author: GM-Thandiwe
Date: 6/18/2008 11:13:35 PM
Subject: Re: South Haven House?

If by T. you mean me, then I can share what little I know - which is probably the same that you do.

At one point dark magics were performed within the house - the usual foulness of kidnappings, murder, death, etc. As a precaution against further dark tidings, the Mercantile Guild set the wards in the area and boarded up the house.

Now, there was a point when the GSS was running that dark things happened around there, but for the life of me I can't remember. Perhaps someone else can shed some light upon it. Was this the location of the dark experiments that held incubation cubes for the Kraken? The one that had the patterns in the floor that needed specific spells cast at it to allow entry?

Also, there was the rumor that the Erithi poisoner - the one that poisoned the Charl Priest who was the father or husband of the local Niiman priestess - had taken up residence there or in a tunnel nearby. Anyone know for certain?

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~
(At this point, I tried to summon the crows, by doing a tribal dance in the barrows and singing "Heerre crowie crowie crowie. Oosh oosh." That didn't work.) -- Coyoterre

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 9854
Author: GM-Voraviel
Date: 6/19/2008 8:06:59 AM
Subject: Re: South Haven House?

The original catastrophe that caused it to be condemned was that it was the source of a massive fire in South 'Haven at some nebulous point in history, and since alot of South 'Haven is basically held up by a bunch of wooden piers, this was considered a Very Bad Thing. This was conveyed as something that happened before Solhaven opened up. The Mercantile Guild eventually just said to hell with it and stopped all magic there. This was what Mikos told me to keep in mind when I built the area, anyway.

As to what happened there to cause the fire, mum's the word. I don't know what, if any, hints Lothwyn dropped when he was at the rein.

In recent player history, it was briefly set as the backdrop to the Draezir offshoot storyline of the shadow-things in the GSS. That was that storyline where stuff exploded out of Revalos' head, ate commoners from around the city, and Alisaire got all schmoozy with evil black things from a nightmare realm. I was reading alot of Alan Moore at the time, so it was kinda gross and weird.

The sign doesn't have anything to do with the GSS stuff, tho.

~ V

Category: Towns
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 9858
Author: GM-Voraviel
Date: 6/19/2008 9:42:13 AM
Subject: Re: South Haven House?

Aaaand I'm reminded of even more crap that happened there under the guise of:

It was where the Witch Hunter that killed Empress Mynal'lyanna was found to be hiding and summarily captured.

It was where that Erithi poisoner lady hid out alot, but I forget whether or not that was part of WoN.

We should write this down somewhere, I suppose.

~ V