Sorcerer Base

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Sorcerer Base an ancient magic which intertwines the raw elements and surrounding spiritual forces. It is one of the oldest known circles whose secrets are closely guarded. The majority of spells in this circle focus on warding-based attack spells, though there are also spells of significant utility purpose.

Bonuses Per Rank

  • +1 Sorcerer Base CS for each rank up to and including the sorcerer's level.
+0.75 CS for ranks level+1 through level+20.
+0.50 CS for ranks level+21 through level+60.
+0.25 CS for ranks level+61 through level+100.
+0.125 CS for ranks level+101 and greater.
  • +1 DS for each rank greater than 12 when using Cloak of Shadows (712). This benefit has an additional mana cost of +1 for every +3 bonus. The bonus is capped at the number of ranks equivalent to the sorcerer's level.
  • Numerous spells simply grow in power with increased training in the Sorcerer Base. Some examples are Implosion (720) and Planar Shift (740)