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The Sorcerer Base is an ancient magic which intertwines the raw elements and surrounding spiritual forces. It is one of the oldest practiced circles whose secrets are closely guarded. The majority of spells in this circle are warding-based combat spells. In addition, several spell offer significant utility purpose, including a few uniquely defining capabilities.

Enhancements by Rank

Sorcerer Base Casting strength.
+1 CS for each rank up to and including the sorcerer's level.
+0.75 CS for ranks level+1 through level+20.
+0.50 CS for ranks level+21 through level+60.
+0.25 CS for ranks level+61 through level+100.
+0.125 CS for ranks level+101 and greater.
Phase (704)
Duration is extended +6 sec per rank when phasing for weightlessness.
Eye Spy (707)
Duration is extended by +30 sec per rank.
Cloak of Shadows (712)
Adds +1 DS per rank greater than 12 (capped at level). Costs +1 mana for per +3 bonus (every 3 ranks).
Implosion (720)
Adds to a sorcerer's success and damage when using this spell.
Minor Summoning (725)
Duration is extended by +20 sec per rank.
Planar Shift (740)
Adds to a sorcerer's capability to successfully create same-realm rifts.

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