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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Sorcerer Guild is a profession guild dedicated to the arcane studies and development of sorcery worldwide.



An extension of the sorcerous ability to weave and mold essence.


Comprises three individual guild skills: General Alchemy, Sorcerer Potions, and Sorcerer Trinkets.


Sorcerers level 15 and above can join the guild.


It costs 4500 silvers to join the guild, and 1500 per month. You may pay up to three months (90 days) in advance.


Promotion to Guildmaster status requires mastery of at least one guild skill and a total of 125 skill ranks; once meeting this requirement, the presence of 2 other members who have also met the requirement (whether they are currently a Guildmaster or eligible for promotion themselves) is necessary to execute the promotion. Player Guildmasters can gain experience and fame for checking in other Guild members (must be inactive or required to check in in the next 10 days) or for promoting other Guild members to higher ranks. Guildmasters need to drop by the guild once a month - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three.

List of Current Masters

Akaylas Allereli Asenora
Dalthon Demietria
Hammibal Isola
Kaldonis Kastrel Kelestra
Maetriks Missoni Moredin
Penquin Polveiss
Queleri Querthose
Rheisia Rolfard Rontuu
Sereg Silvean Simmer
Temba Virilneus
Zorastra Zurraine

Original masters (in order of qualification):

  1. Kastrel
  2. Rontuu
  3. Simmer
  4. Allereli
  5. Zorastra
  6. Berrigan

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