Sparkling shard of reflective soulstone

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The sparkling shard of reflective soulstone is used to gain entrance to the elemental confluence testing grounds for the elemental re-attunement quest.

The shard, once crafted, must be bound to the user by killing an elemental while the shard is worn. It is essential that the shard be bound before attempting to enter the quest area. Upon successfully completing the quest, the shard will be destroyed.

After the first successful quest completion, additional attempts will require a new shard to be crafted, bound, and filled with elemental energy. Energy can be gathered by killing challenging elementals while wearing the shard. The level of elemental energy currently stored in a shard can be checked by LOOKing at or DETECTing the shard.

sparkling shard of reflective soulstone

Profession Wizard
Discipline Trinkets
Spell Enchant Item
Uses 1
Rank taught
Rank end
Location All
A sparkling shard of reflective soulstone
  1. Add crystalline solution
  2. Add essence of air
  3. Add essence of earth
  4. Add essence of fire
  5. Add essence of water
  6. Infuse
  7. Add elemental soulstone
  8. Chant Enchant Item (925)