Specialized armor fitting

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Specialized armor fittings, which are sold in Warrior Guild workshops are required. There are five quality tiers of fittings:

Common: Usable at Rank 1
Sturdy: Usable at Rank 2
Fine: Usable at Rank 3
Superb: Usable at rank 4
Masterwork: Usable at rank 5

If the armor is flared or provides a bonus to AS or TD, it requires sturdy fittings or better.

If the armor being adjusted is padded, the quality of the fittings required is:

Common: May not be used with padded armor.
Sturdy: May be used with up to fairly padded armor.
Fine: May be used with up to decently padded armor.
Superb: May be used with up to very heavily padded armor.
Masterwork: No limit on level of padding.