Specialized armor fitting

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Specialized armor fittings, which are sold in Warrior Guild workshops are required. There are five quality tiers of fittings. The quality of the fittings influences the duration of the protection and the price of the fittings is given by (Fitting Rank * (3750 - 250 * (Armor Group - 5))). For example, fine fittings on plate cost 11250 and last 40 hits. If the armor is flared or provides a bonus to AS or TD, it requires sturdy fittings or better. If the armor being adjusted is padded, the quality of the fittings required and requisite ranks (parenthesized) are:

  • Common: May not be used with padded armor. (1)
  • Sturdy: May be used with up to fairly padded armor. (2)
  • Fine: May be used with up to decently padded armor. (3)
  • Superb: May be used with up to very heavily padded armor. (4)
  • Masterwork: No limit on level of padding. (5)