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A pair of dark tin species is part of the 5120 Caligos Isle Quest.  Ghezresh has managed to raise several of his old followers and brought them up from their watery graves to the Isle of Caligos.  To that end, you may use the species in the following method:

Free Caligos Ghosts - Band together with the Seer of Gosaena, the Brother of Lorminstra, and the Priestess of Luukos in their quest to remove Ghezresh's influence on the poor lost souls that wander the isle.  To do that, bring the species to one of their tents and ask them for a blessing.

Support Ghezresh - Support Ghezresh's right to keep his followers through all aspects of their life and unlife.  To do that, bring the species to the Ezreshi and ask her for a blessing.

Support the Order of Nature - Support the Warden in his struggle to free Caligos Isle of the corrupt mist.  To do that, give the Warden the species and he will repay you with a couple of seashells.

Support the Fisherman's Village - Support the Exiled of Caligos Isle as they shelter on the side of the isle that is warded against the corrupt mists.  To do that, give the Wise Woman the species and she will safeguard them for those in her care.  She also will repay you with a couple of seashells.

If you drop this item, it will be lost to the mist.


Giving species to Omiko did not give you favor. There is one other choice that did not grant favor. Both of these did not involve manipulating ghosts.

Locations to Free Ghosts

Free Caligos Ghosts - Gosaena

[A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent - 29314]
Pale ash poles lift the ceiling of the tent into four peaked corners, joined one to the other with slender framing beams, and are strung with webs of rough-spun twine between.  A narrow table sits toward the rear of the space, occupied by a row of small apothecary jars and mounted at one end by a well-used ash branch perch.  A mesh-domed cast iron brazier stands off to one corner, while a wide-lipped silver bowl cradled by a forked ash limb pedestal occupies the heart of the area.  You also see Veidae.
Obvious exits: out

Free Caligos Ghosts - Lorminstra

[Promise of Winter - 29321]
Panels of black and white silk enclose the tent, loosely staked and left to ripple with the shifting air currents.  Lanterns set on carved posts brighten the interior with their gentle glow.  Wooden supports, sanded smooth but left unvarnished, frame a vaulted canopy hung with glimmering droplets of frosted glass.  To one side rests a long and narrow table, while a thin, opaque curtain partially screens a darkened corner opposite the entry.  You also see Brother Aoden.
Obvious exits: out

Free Caligos Ghosts - Luukos

[Mantle of the Elapid - 29312]
Plain and spartan, the lofty tent is fashioned of yellow-striped, olive green wool and supported by thick ironwood poles.  Overlapping yierka hair rugs, each woven with hypnotic patterns, cover the western side where a simple sleeping pallet rests, while the east has fine, black sand surrounding a large copper-bowled brazier.  Opposite the entry flaps, a bejeweled oak chest offers a smattering of items for sale.  You also see Priestess Lucinne.
Obvious exits: out