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After having determined exactly which spells can be found upon common scrolls, I have compiled this list of useful spells, as well as their durations and abilities. This information is intended to act as a guide in locating spells for potential scroll infusion projects depending upon your level of skill and interest. For specific information as to the actual working of the spell, Scroll Infusion (714), see Mekthros's published works.

The spells below have been sorted into three main groups; Novice Collection, Intermediate Collection, and Advanced Collection. The Novice Collection consists of spells that are somewhat easy to find, charge, and utilize for an extended duration with a relatively low amount of Arcane Symbol Ranks. The second group, Intermediate Collection, are spells that are more difficult to find and charge, and/or have a duration which requires many ranks of Arcane Symbols to use efficiently. Finally, the Advanced Collection contains an assortment of spells very difficult to find and infuse, and are likely to only be useful in select situations.

At the guide's end, one will find a complete list of spells, levels 1 - 19, that cannot be found upon normally occurring scrolls. This amount of gathered data is useful to the avid Scroll Infusor as it will help them avoid searching for scrolls that do not normally exist.

One should note that spells from the Minor Elemental, Sorcerer, and Minor Spiritual circles are not listed within this guide, as its purpose is to aid the infusing sorcerer in locating scrolls most useful in serving their needs. Neither the Minor Elemental nor the Minor Spiritual circles suffer from any spell exemptions on commonly found scrolls from levels 1 - 19.

- Evarin's player

Arcane Symbols (INVOKE) duration formula:

Base duration + (Arcane Symbols ranks * (half normal duration for spell ranks known))

Scroll Infusion Collection Guide: Novice

Novice Spell Collection: Defense

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Spirit Shield (202) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS Common 8.0
Prayer of Protection (303) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS Common 14.8
Thurfel's Ward (503) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +20 DS Common 9.1
Elemental Deflection (507) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +20 DS Common 14.3
Elemental Bias (508) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +20 Elemental TD Common 15.4
Strength (509) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +15 STR Rare 24.5
Natural Colors (601) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS Common 4.0
Resist Elements (602) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +15 Bolt DS, Added Element Def Common 9.7
Mass Colors (611) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS, Group Rare
Prismatic Guard (905) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +5 DS, +20 Ranged DS Common 14.2
Mass Blur (911) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +20 Dodge Ranks, Group Rare 22.8
Mantle of Faith (1601) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +5 DS, +5 Spirit TD Common 8.5
Gains: +80 Melee DS, +20 Elemental TD, +5 Spiritual TD

Novice Spell Collection: Utility

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Unpresence (204) Not Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 Renders Target Untrackable Common
Light (205) Not Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 -30 DS, + Perception, + Locksmithing, - Hiding Common 11.4
Darkness (206) Refreshable 60 Seconds per Level +30 DS, + Hiding, - Perception Common 12.5
Skinning (604) Stackable 60 Seconds Flat Aids In Skinning Common 8.5
Foraging (603) Stackable 15 Seconds per Level Aids In Foraging Common 7.4
Haste (506) Immediate 60 Seconds Flat Reduced RT Common 12.5
Heal (1101) Immediate Immediate Heals 10-50 HP Common
Bless Item (304) Immediate 3 Swings per Level Bless Blade Common 12.6
Preservation (305) Not Stackable 600 Seconds Flat Preserves The Dead Common 3.4
Purification Song (1004) Immediate Immediate Increases Gem Worth +10% Common 6.3

Scroll Infusion Collection Guide: Intermediate

Intermediate Spell Collection: Defense

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Melgorehn's Aura (913) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS, +20 Elemental TD Very Rare 34.3
Self Control (613) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +20 Melee DS, +20 Spiritual TD, + Aiming Extremely Rare
Mobility (618) Stackable 1200 seconds +60 +20 Dodge, Maneuver Defense Extremely Rare 40.0
Vigor (1616) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +4 CON, +HPs Very Rare
Benediction (307) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +5 AS, +5 DS Common 17.1
Warding Sphere (310) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS, +10 Spirtual TD Rare 32.0
Prayer (313) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS, +10 Spiritual TD, Maneuver Defense Rare 38.2
Spell Shield (219) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +30 Ranged DS, +30 Spiritual TD Very rare 57.0
Strength of Will (1119) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +12 DS, +12 Spiritual TD Rare 103.0
Arcane Decoy (1701) Refreshable (self) 900 Seconds +10 Removed First When Dispelled Common
Spirit Guard (1712) Refreshable (self) 1200 Seconds +30 +25 Melee/Ranged/Bolt DS Uncommon
Gains: +92 Melee DS, +20 Elemental TD, +82 Spiritual TD

Intermediate Spell Collection: Utility

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Floating Disk (511) Immediate Indefinite Summons Floating Disk Common 18.8
Purify Air (207) Stackable (self, refresh on others) 1200 Seconds +60 Aids In Underwater Travel and Implosion Defense Common 14.3
Untrammel (209) Immediate Immediate Frees Target From Web Common 5.2
Silence (210) Refreshable 30 Seconds + Warding Failure Shuts People Up Common
Minor Sanctuary (213) Refreshable 60 Seconds Sanctuary Common 21.1
Camouflage (608) Immediate Immediate Auto-hides Caster Uncommon
Sun Burst (609) Immediate Immediate Unhides Everyone & Detect Invis People W/O Skill Checks Rare
Breeze (612) Immediate, Not Stackable/Refreshable 3 Seconds per Level Rids Area of Clouds/Spore Traps Common 23.9
Well of Life (308) Immediate Immediate Transfers Spirit, Cast Before Resurrecting Rare 37.0
Relieve Burden (314) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 No Enc. For 10k Silver +2000 * Seed 5 Bless Lore Rare
Adrenal Surge (1107) Immediate Immediate Makes The Prone Stand, Removes Web/Bind, Heals Stamina Overuse Penalty Common 8.5
Duplicate (918) Immediate Immediate Duplicates Some Magical Items Rare
Mystic Focus (1711) Not Stackable 300 Seconds Flat CS Boost (30 - Level) +10 Min Rare

Intermediate Spell Collection: Bolt AS

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Benediction (307) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +5 AS, +5 DS Common 17.1
Light (205) Immediate 1200 Seconds +60 +30 AS, -30 DS Common 11.4
Bravery (211) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +15 AS, Sheer Fear Def Rare 37.7
Heroism (215) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +25 AS, HP + MP Boosts Extremely Rare 114.0
Elemental Focus (513) Stackable (self) 1200 seconds +60 +20 Bolt AS, -40 Melee AS Rare
Gains: +65 Bolt AS + (+30 AS From Light)

Intermediate Spell Collection: Offensive

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Flaming Aura (1706) Intermittent 240 Seconds Flat Repeated Group Friendly AoE Attack Uncommon
Mystic Impedance (1708) Immediate 180 Seconds Flat Blocks Target from Casting Select Spells Uncommon
Death Cloud (1713) Gradual 140 Seconds Flat Maneuver Based Damage Over Time Attack Uncommon

Scroll Infusion Collection Guide: Advanced

Advanced Spell Collection: Defense

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Soul Ward (319) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 Negate first attack from creature if creature fails cleric based warding roll (most helpful for sorcerers, empaths, and perhaps wizards) Extremely Rare
Wizard's Shield (919) Refreshable 60 Seconds +50 DS Very Rare
Faith Shield (1619) Refreshable 30 Seconds + (1 Second Per 2 Spells Above 19) Max 70 Seconds +50 Spiritual TD Very Rare 34.0
Arcane Barrier (1720) Refreshable 1800 Seconds Negates Select Spells Cast at Wearer Very Rare

Advanced Spell Collection: Utility

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Mana Leech (516) Immediate Immediate Leeches MP Rare
Invisibility (916) Stackable 1200 Seconds +30 Invisibility Rare 28.0
Mass Calm (619) Immediate Refreshable Warding Based Mass Calm Very Rare
Herb Production (1118) Immediate Immediate Grows Random Herbs Very Rare
Cry for Help (1116) Immediate Immediate Reverse locate Very Rare
Remove Curse (315) Immediate Immediate Removes Curse, Removes Scarabs From Others Rare
Spirit Strike (117) Not Stackable +2 Mins/1 attack +75 AS, Saves Caster Mana Rare
Zealot (1617) Refreshable 120 Seconds +10 +30 Group Melee AS, -30 DS Very Rare
Living Spell (208) Immediate Immediate Steals Target's Prepared Spell Common

Advanced Spell Collection: Offense

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect Availability Value
Mass Interference (217) Immediate (MjS spell ranks/5 + 10 + (warding failure*3)) ; capped at 120 seconds Mass warding-based disabler Rare 41.7
Cone of Elements (518) Immediate Immediate High DF Mass Bolt Attack Very Rare 32.5
Tangle Weed (610) Immediate Variable Disable/Attack Based Attack Rare
Call Wind (912) Immediate Up to 12 Seconds Knocks Prone, Forces Stance Rare
Boil Earth (917) Immediate Immediate Maneuver Based Attack Rare
Call Swarm (615) Immediate Variable Maneuver Based Disabler Rare
Firestorm (1715) Gradual Variable Maneuver Based Attack Rare

Scroll Collection Guide: Exemption Lists

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the list of spells to follow are not normally found on commonly occurring scrolls generated by Gemstone's treasure system. It is possible to find many of the spells listed on a scroll, though these items either predate the several changes to the scroll generator mechanics, or are exemplary magical artifacts of unique origin.

Spell Exemption List: Defensive

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect
Divine Shield (1609) Refreshable 1200 Seconds +60 +10% Chance to Block
Higher Vision (1610) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +10 DS
Patron's Blessing (1611) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +10 CML ranks
Guard the Meek (1613) Refreshable 1200 Seconds +60 +15 to Party Melee DS
Empathic Focus (1109) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +15 AS, +15 Spiritual TD, +25 DS

Spell Exemption List: Utility

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect
Rapid Fire (515) Immediate 60 Seconds 0 Second Cast time, Auto-reprepared
Charge Item (517) Immediate Immediate Recharges Select Magic Items
Spirit Servant (218) Not stackable 1200 Seconds +60 Carries Items, Aids Caster's Corpse
Raise Dead (318) Immediate Immediate Raises The Dead
Scroll Infusion (714) Immediate Immediate Adds Charges to Scrolls
Whispering Willow (605) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 Allows Distance whispering
Imbue (614) Immediate Immediate Turns Foragable Items into Magical Items
Champion's Might (1612) Stackable 1200 Seconds +60 +15 Spiritual CS

Spell Exemption List: Offensive

Spell Duration Status Duration Spell Effect
Spike Thorn (616) Immediate Immediate Maneuver Based Attack
Dauntless (1606) Stackable (self) 1200 Seconds +60 +10 all forms of AS plus fear resistance and maneuver defense
Empathic Link (1117) Immediate 20 Seconds + (Warding Failure * 2) Links Targets to Hit With 1 Spell

- Evarin and his Mis'ri

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