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There are three major spheres of magic in Elanthia. While the magical powers found within each of these spheres are primarily purely of one sphere, some professions have studied more than one sphere of magic, and have learned the secrets of combining the mysteries of the spheres to create hybrid magic.

Elemental Sphere
Elemental Power is the power that exists in everyone and everything of a given world or universe or system of beliefs. A spell user who partakes of the Elemental Sphere taps this power, molds it, and diverts it to spells. Most powerful element-based spells reflect their origin in the natural phenomena.
Mental Sphere
Mental Power is derived from the spell user's ability to shape reality and affect others through the mysteries of psychic energy. A spell user of the Mental Sphere draws on the power of the mana weave and molds it with his mind, channeling this psychic energy into a wide variety of spells.
Spirit Sphere
Spiritual Power is the power the deities of Elanthia deign to share with their followers or other spell users. A spell user of the Spirit Sphere draws directly on the power of the deity, usually without the conscious cooperation of the higher force.

List of Spell Circles by Sphere

Each spell circle may draw their influence from one or more spheres of magic. For example, the Cleric Base circle is spiritual in nature, whereas the Sorcerer Base is a hybrid of both spiritual and elemental magics.

Spell Circle Elemental Mental Spiritual
Minor Spiritual X
Major Spiritual X
Cleric Base X
Minor Elemental X
Major Elemental X
Ranger Base X
Sorcerer Base X X
Wizard Base X
Bard Base 1 X X
Empath Base 2 X X
Minor Mental X
Major Mental X
Savant Base X
Paladin Base X
  1. Bard Base is considered purely elemental for in-game mechanics.
  2. Empath Base is considered purely spiritual for in-game mechanics.