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This lore represents knowledge and understanding of the principals of the Arkati pantheon. Advanced training in this skill focuses on the doctrines of the particular deity which a character is aligned to and the skill at channeling the spiritual powers of their patron.

Cleric Base Spells Affected

Religion increases the effectiveness of this spell on a successful warding.

Religion grants and increases the chance for an infusion of extra damage. The chance is approximately (Religion bonus/10)%.

Thirty ranks of Religion allows Holy Bolt to cause an acidic degeneration in undead targets when hit.

Religion increases the chance that you will discover the CONVERT status of a corpse you link to.

Religion increases the chance that a target warded with an endroll of at least 120 will be forced to kneel. Every three ranks of Religion increase the chance by 1%.

Training in Religion increases the number of damage cycles this spell causes.

Training in Religion allows Censure to hit more targets, starting with one additional target (five total) at five ranks and reaching sixteen additional targets (20 total) at 200 ranks. This is a seed 5 Lore Summation (see the Summation Chart).

Training in Religion provides a chance for a third cycle of critical damage. The chance is ((Religion skill - 70)/2)%.

Religion increases the number of attack frames. Reaching twenty ranks provides a second attack frame, while a total of forty ranks provides a third attack frame.

Religion ranks are required to use the five tiered effects of Holy Receptacle:

  • Tier 1, Silver to Gold: 10 ranks
  • Tier 2, Brimstone: 15 ranks
  • Tier 3, Nexus: 20 ranks
  • Tier 4, Chrism: 25 ranks
  • Tier 5, Intercession: 30 ranks

Training in Religion increases the chance that you will successfully form a link with your god. The increase is 2% per seed 6 summation.

Religion allows multiple Miracles per 24 hour period. At 60, 125, and 195 ranks of Religion, the cleric gains the ability to use Miracle one additional time per day.

Paladin Base Spells Affected

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