Spring Rises in the East

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It's time to welcome the return of the spring with Argent Aspis as we celebrate the changing of the seasons once more in Ta'Vaalor for second annual Spring Rises in the East fest, the first weekend of Oleasta (March 30 through April 1, 2018).

If you are interested in hosting an event, please complete a time slot reservation no later than March 3. Then simply add your event description here!

2018 Schedule of Events

All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host(s) Venue Description
Day of the Huntress (Friday), 30th 3pm Draw Your Masterpiece! Twilight Hall Twilight Hall tent at Kai's Statue Learn to paint or draw your favorite person, place, or thing! The basics of learning to put your beautiful visions into words will be covered in this first edition of Creative Mind Productions presented by Jastalyn Dragorth. Quills and parchment will be provided.
Feastday (Saturday), 31st 11am Tea on the Green Alliance of High Elven Society TBD TBD
2pm Creating a Spring Fashion Folio The Looking Glass Garden of Ancients Enjoy tea in the sunshine with members of The Looking Glass and participate in another relaxing hour of fashion scrapbooking. Folios, parchment, and quills will be provided if you’re new to the hobby. Those hobbyists who have already started are encouraged to share their latest creations!
4pm Greedy Gremlins House Sylvanfair Garden of Ancients House Sylvanfair are holding another round of their popular game, Greedy Gremlins. Come and join the fun in the Garden of Ancients and see if you can win a prize. Don't forget to pick up your collectible charm or game to participate in our reward scheme! See our page for more information.
9pm TBD Guardians of Elanthia TBD TBD
Restday (Sunday), 1st 3pm Amaranth Court Argent Aspis Introduction to Flower Arrangement Learn the basics of flower arranging, then use your new skills to design and present a piece!

(Note: This is a free RP event, using ACT and SMILE to present your creations)

6pm TBD The Imperiled Few TBD TBD
7pm Darts Tourney Argent Aspis Aspis Tent at Kai's Statue A friendly single elimination darts tourney, open to all! Darts and refreshments will be provided.
8 - 10pm Ales & Fishing Tales House of Paupers Pauper's Tent in Kings Court A twist on Paupers' popular drinking and storytelling game! Participants will select one the brews from Paupers' cellars to serve as the basis of a short tale.. about a fish or fishing! Cash prizes will be handed out for the best stories.

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