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Bubble flares are a type of specialty flare which bestows Damage Padding to the players armor when the weapon flares. The Damage Padding effect will last 1 minute but can be refreshed if the weapon where to flare again before 1 minute of time expires.

Normal Bubble Flares - Heavy Damage Padding

Super Bubble Flares (merchants have offered super bubble flares in the past) - Exceptional or Magnificent Damage Padding

Super Bubble Flares

You swing an ora-studded lacquered tetsubo at a lesser orc! AS: +123 vs DS: +73 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +32 = +120 ... and hit for 16 points of damage! Bones in right arm crack.

    • Your tetsubo resonates with an extremely high-pitched sound and causes your skin and muscles to harden! **

Roundtime: 5 sec. Roundtime changed to 3 seconds.

Normal Bubble Flares