Stocky clerk

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A stocky clerk runs the surname registration office in Kharam Dzu. Here adventurers can register their surname.


The clerk has broad shoulders and arms that look strong enough to rip doors off their hinges.  A waxed leather vest hangs loosely over his open-necked cotton shirt, though most of his chest is hidden by his long, curly beard.  Nail heads stud the soles of his tall boots, and a wide belt with scratched steel plaques girds his midsection.


ask clerk about cave
The clerk chuckles. "Sure is a fancy office I've got here. No expense spared, nosiree!"

ask clerk about belt
"My father made this," the clerk says, fingering his large belt. "He knew how to work steel, all right. See the crossed hammers in the center?"

ask clerk about cart
The stocky clerk glares darkly at no one in particular, "You see what I have to work with?" he growls.

ask clerk about breakfast
The clerk says, "Breakfast! Why yes I'd love some, thank you so much Zuzana!"

Room Description

[Surname Registry]
Hollowed directly out of the mountain, this office is little more than a formalized cave. The walls are cold and damp, and the floor is uneven. An old mining cart holds stacks of bundled paper, and rough plank benches provide somewhere moderately comfortable to sit. Guttering torches hang in wall brackets, darkening the ceiling with soot. You also see a rotting wooden sign and a stocky clerk.
Obvious exits: out

>look at cart
The steel bands holding the cart's rough planks together have begun to rust and chip away.

>look in cart
In the mining cart you see a stack of bundled paper.

>look at paper
The papers are so densely scrawled with writing as to be nearly illegible.

Room messaging

Noticing that one of the torches has gone out, the clerk relights it with his flint and steel.

The clerk adjusts the heavy belt around his waist and polishes one of the plaques with the cuff of his shirt.

The stocky clerk chews meditatively on a stick.

The stocky clerk paws through the stacks of papers in the cart.

The stocky clerk runs his fingers through his long, curly beard.