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StormFront is an official front end (FE) for GemStone IV and DragonRealms, and works with the Windows operating system. Compared with the Wizard FE, StormFront provides more features, including a point-and-click interface, dialog boxes, and a more advanced scripting engine.



Scripting Guide:


StormFront stores settings (such as highlights and scripts) separately for each character, either on the server or locally. This can be toggled inside StormFront under Options > Settings > Location.

Local settings are stored as XML files in C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Roaming\StormFront (not the folder in which StormFront is installed).

Macro Commands

Macros allow the user to execute a sequence of commands with a single keypress.

Special keywords that can be used in macros include:

\r - Send the command.
\p - pause 1 second before continuing.
\x - Delete the contents of the command line before continuing.
@ - Place the insertion marker here.
\? - Replace this with the contents of the command line before starting.

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