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Type Physical
Prime Requisite Paladin and Warrior
Modifiers by Race
Aelotoi -5
Dwarf +10
Elf -
Elf, Dark -
Elf, Half -
Elf, Sylvan -
Erithian -5
Gnome, Burghal -15
Gnome, Forest -10
Giantman +15
Halfling -15
Human +5
Krolvin, Half +10
This article is about the strength statistic. For the Major Elemental spell Strength, see Strength (509).

Strength is a physical statistic. The bonus from strength directly affects a character's melee attack strength, in addition, it is a factor in encumbrance, maximum stamina, the character's weight, and the defensive strength derived from block and parry defense. Strength also is a factor in roundtime reduction when using ranged or thrown weapons.

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