Striking Asp Stance

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Striking Asp Stance
Available To Monks, Rogues, Warriors
Mnemonic [ASP]
Cost 20 Stamina
Roundtime 0
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square
1 4  
3 12

Striking Asp Stance is a Martial Stance combat maneuver available to monks, rogues, and warriors. Unless the cooldown is active, one will be able to automatically perform one single target QUICKSTRIKE at a discounted stamina cost. The stamina cost is reduced to 2/3, 1/2, and 1/3 (rounded up) at ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The cooldown lasts 60 seconds, and begins immediately when a discounted QUICKSTRIKE is performed. The stance begins in cooldown when it is entered. At rank 3, if 60 seconds pass without an active cooldown, up to 1 charge will be stored and automatically used if a QUICKSTRIKE is performed during a cooldown.



>cman asp
You assume the Striking Asp Stance, ready to find the right position for a quick strike.

Square assumes the Striking Asp Stance.


>stop stance
You relax from the Striking Asp Stance.

Square relaxes and no longer maintains the Striking Asp Stance.

Recovery Messaging:

You feel light on your feet, and ready to find an opening for a quick strike.

Extra Charge Messaging:

You feel like you have an extra reserve of quickness to use should the need arise.


>quickstrike 1 tackle troll

[Roll result: 203 (open d100: 20) Penalties: 35]
You hurl yourself at an ice troll and connect!
You hammer an ice troll to the ground.  4 hits!  You jump to your feet.
Your superior positioning makes your quick strike much less taxing.
Roundtime: 7 sec.
Roundtime changed to 1 second.