Stun Relief (108)

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Stun Relief (108)
Mnemonic [STUNRELIF]
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Subtype Unstun 
Components a stunned character 
Availability All 
Minor Spiritual Spells
Spirit Warding I (101) Defensive
Spirit Barrier (102) Defensive
Spirit Defense (103) Defensive
Disease Resistance (104) Defensive
Poison Resistance (105) Defensive
Spirit Fog (106) Defensive
Spirit Warding II (107) Defensive
Stun Relief (108) Utility
Dispel Invisibility (109) Utility
Unbalance (110) Attack
Fire Spirit (111) Attack
Water Walking (112) Utility
Undisease (113) Utility
Unpoison (114) Utility
Fasthr's Reward (115) Defensive
Locate Person (116) Utility
Spirit Strike (117) Offensive
Web (118) Attack
Spirit Dispel (119) Utility
Lesser Shroud (120) Defensive
Call Lightning (125) Attack
Spirit Guide (130) Utility
Searing Light (135) Attack
Wall of Force (140) Defensive

Stun Relief (108) removes the stunned status ailment from the target. There is no skill check, the spell is always successful.

Stun relief is available through the treasure system and Alchemy via oaken wands.

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